ESO Master Writ Quest Assistance Debuts with Update 30

When it comes to sealed writs, PC players have it good with all the helpful addons to automate a lot of the work.

However, console players are not so lucky and trying to do groups of sealed writs at once feels like trying to climb an impassable mountain.

However, there is a quality of life crafting feature to help players do sealed writs without addons.

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ESO Blackwood Media Now Available

The Elder Scrolls Online art team did a great job on the new Blackwood Wallpapers. Check them out!

ESO June 2021 Crown Store Showcase Details Announced

Discover a host of Imperial- and Argonian-themed Crown Store items as you continue your Gates of Oblivion adventure this June!

This month features some returning items from Midyear Mayhem Event, several Argonian and Imperial themed items, a riverside townhouse, return of the elemental dragon furnishing, and new items with the launch of the Blackwood Chapter.

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ESO Won’t End Until the Players Leave – Firor

There was a fascinating article in the Washington Post this week. According to Matt Firor, 2020 was one of the most successful years for The Elder Scrolls Online. During the interview, Matt discusses the history of the game and offers insight into its future.

People are going to keep playing it and we’ll keep making content for them as long as they’re around.

Matt Firor, president of Zenimax Online Studios

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ESO New Companion Trailer

Recently, The Elder Scrolls uploaded a trailer / teaser for the upcoming companion system.

Want to know more about the companion system? Check out one of the official Companions Guides.

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