ESO Chronicle of Daily Logon Rewards

Party like it’s your birthday…like it’s your birthday!

This journal tracks the items that have been offered as daily logon rewards for The Elder Scrolls Online introduced in Update 18 and was featured in an official announcement called “Learn about Update 18’s Gifting, Daily Rewards, and Combat Changes“.

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ESO Wrothgar: Do you know about the daily quests?

There is a lot to do in Wrothgar as the Orc rebuild their renown fortress Orsinium.  There are  two different quests for any bounty hunting individual: World Boss and Delve Clearing. I have included maps to the quest givers. With the help of other players (sharing quests), a player can do 7 dailies.

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ESO September 2021 Crown Store Showcase Details Announced

Take on the cultists of Mehrunes Dagon with mystical arms and armors or create a relaxing retreat with these new and returning items all coming to the Crown Store in September!

This month’s crown store reveals the Elder Scrolls Online’s plan for all those crowns you may have picked up on sale recently and quietly announces the next event: The Bounties of Blackwood. There are 13 items discounted for ESO+ members including a few rare cases of new items introduced at a discount. Housingmancers will be thrilled with 6 furnishing packs this month including the amazing Steam Bath Serenity that features the mermaid statue from the Gold Coast. A new house will be on the market, The Sweetwater Cascade, and it looks amazing. Finally, One of The Elder Scrolls legends can be a houseguest in your house: M’aiq the Liar!

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What does the Golden Vendor offer this week?

The Adhazabi Aba-daro is a special ESO vendor that only appears on the weekend to offer a random selection of gold jewelry (2 from dungeons and two from zone items sets), two monster set helms or shoulders (pledge dungeons).

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ESO Craglorn: Do you know about the daily and weekly quests?

Once an adventuring region for the fiercest bands of 4 or 12 player groups, now most of the region can be completed by a well equipped combat veteran, but at least 2 party members are recommended.

Within its borders, there can be found 14 daily quests and 4 weekly quests. However, to find adventure, you will have to leave the towns to find it.

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