What does the Luxury Furnisher offer this week?

The Luxury Furnisher Vendor (Zanil Theran) is located in Cicero’s Food & General Goods shop in the Hollow City, Coldharbour.

New item this week
Additional item this week.
Returning items

The vendor appears to be bugged this week. It appeared early with some items and then after the usual time, Zanil offered more items.
Previously, this meant future week didn’t have items or all the items repeating.

  • Dark Elf Tomb Marker, Sarano 5,000g
  • Velothi Candle, Mourning 5,000g
  • Velothi Cerecloth, Prayer 5,000g
  • Velothi Shroud, Mourning 5,000g
  • Velothi Seat, Meditation 10,000g
  • Dark Elf Ash Garden, Communal 15,000g
  • Dark Elf Brazier, Ancestral Tomb 15,000g
  • Daedric Key, Coldharbour 5,000g
  • Daedric Platform, Sarcophagus 8,000g
  • Daedric Sarcophagus, Sealed 10,000g
  • Tapestry of a Failed Incarnate, The Fool 20,000g
  • Daedric Brazier, Ritual 25,000g
  • Daedric Altar, Peryite 40,000g

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