ESOTU Thieves’ Guild DLC PTS Notes

The following are #ESOTU crafting related notes for PTS patches V2.3.0, V2.3.1, and V2.3.2.


New content coming to ESOTU!

There are some interesting changes coming soon. Here are some of the noteworthy items

  • Vendors will sell recipes used in Provisioning Writs based on your crafting passives
  • Provisioning Writs will no longer reward provisioning writ recipes
  • Reduced the drop rate of Mercenary Motif chapters
  • New crafted sets (Outlaw, Trinimac, Malacath, Alliance, Soul-Shriven, 3 more in Abah’s Landing)
  • Crown Mimic Stone is a new type of style item that can be used to make equipment in any crafting motif the crafter has learned that is purchased from Crown Store
  • Malachite, Laurel and Goldscale style items to be fully tradeable, akin to all other style items.
  • Purchase of any high-end motif will include complementary Crown Mimic Stones


  • Relocated the Xivkyn Style Master achievement from the Crafting category to the Imperial City DLC category, to be consistent with the location of other achievements introduced in DLC content.


  • Addons will no longer be able to deconstruct gear that you currently have equipped at a crafting station.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some blacksmithing and alchemy writs in Orsinium would incorrectly direct you to Craglorn to turn them in.
  • Fixed an issue where enchanting writs in Wrothgar incorrectly claimed to award blacksmithing supplies, when you would actually get the expected enchanting supplies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Orc style chapters did not show up in Eidetic Memory after being learned.
  • Updated the cooking fire in Coldsnap Clothiers to be slightly easier to use
  • Corrected some minor typos in the text for crafting writs.
  • Lush plants located at survey sites will now have appropriate audio when you harvest them.
  • The Crafting window will now display the correct items when the “Have Items” filter is checked.
  • The alchemy and provisioning UI will now display the proper message when creating items.
  • Fixed an issue where some crafting styles were incorrectly considered as unknown if you had more than 20 known styles.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Malachite Shards stated that, when refined, the resultant Malachite would be bound to your account. This is no longer true – all Malachite is now unbound and tradeable!
  • Reading all chapters of a crafting style book will now mark the entire book as ‘read’.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the error message for already known Motif chapters and books to not display.


Crafting Motifs

This update introduces a host of new crafting motifs to learn:

  • Outlaw: Found in the delves and world bosses of Hew’s Bane from the Thieves Guild DLC game pack
  • Trinimac: Received from Orsinium Daily Delve quests
  • Malacath: Received from Orsinium Daily World Boss quests
  • Alliance Motifs: Found in chests within Cyrodiil and Imperial City
  • Soul-Shriven: Received from completing the Cadwell’s Silver quest (anyone who has already completed this quest will receive this style)
    • Those who complete Cadwell’s Gold will receive a special item that you can perhaps wear on your head…
    • Note: These features surrounding Cadwell’s Silver and Gold are not currently available on the PTS, but will be once this update goes live!
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the full book for the Ebonheart Pact style from correctly granting the reader knowledge of that style.
  • Reduced the drop rate of Mercenary Motif chapters. They will now drop approximately one-fourth as often as they did previously from any given rank of Undaunted chests.
    • This change does not impact the drop rates of Laurels.

Cadwell’s Silver / Gold (Soul-Shriven)
We’ve added the previously-mentioned rewards to Cadwell’s Silver and Gold.

  • Completing Cadwell’s Silver will grant you the Soul-Shriven Style Motif book; completing Cadwell’s Gold will grant you a unique Collectible from Sir Cadwell himself.
  • For those who’ve already completed these quests, you will automatically receive the rewards.
  • Every player character who has completed Cadwell’s Silver will receive a Soul-Shriven Motif in the mail, and anyone who has completed Cadwell’s Gold will receive the Collectible directly to their Collections UI.

Crafted Sets

New and Updated Item Sets

  • 3 new crafted item sets, available exclusively at the crafting stations in Abah’s Landing.


  • The Major Brutality, Major Savagery, Major Prophecy, and Major Sorcery buffs will now correctly display an icon in your Active Effects UI when obtained from potions.


Provisioning Update
Vendors now sell recipes used in Provisioning Writs, which will ensure provisioners are able to reasonably complete any Provisioning Writ received.

  • Food recipes will appear on Chefs, while drink recipes show up on Brewers.
  • The recipes offered are based on your current level of Recipe Improvement, though they also will offer recipes from the previous rank as well.
  • Provisioning Writs will no longer reward these recipes.
  • Completing the certification quest for Provisioning will directly provide the recipes needed for the first tier of writs to ensure novice provisioners can immediately undertake the quests.


Crown Mimic Stone
The Crown store now offers a new type of style item that can be used to make equipment in any crafting motif the crafter has learned.

  • To utilize these magical items after purchase, simply set the interface to use the Crown Mimic Stone at any clothier, blacksmith or woodworking station and create a piece of equipment.
  • The Crown Mimic Stone permanently transmutes itself upon being integrated into an item, which means deconstruction can yield the specific style item associated with the equipment but will never return the Crown Mimic Stone itself.
  • The introduction of this item allows us to update the Malachite, Laurel and Goldscale style items to be fully tradeable, akin to all other style items.
  • The Crown Store will offer Crown Mimic Stones in various quantities, and the purchase of any high-end motif will include complementary Crown Mimic Stones as well.