ESOTU [PC] Patch Notes 3.0.0 – Crafting Summary

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting and housing related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

NOTE: Currently, on the Public Test Server (PTS). Information here is from the patch notes published on their forums.


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v3.0.0, introducing our first chapter: Morrowind! The fate of the island of Vvardenfell hangs in the balance and needs a hero to help Vivec, the legendary warrior-poet god, who suffers from a mysterious illness. ESO’s first chapter is 9.7GB in size


  • 3 new crafted sets:  Assassin’s Guile, Daedric Trickery, Shacklebreaker
  • 4 new motifs: Ashlander, Buoyant Armiger, Morag Tong, Militant Ordinator
  • 3 new homes: penthouse, harbour house, and lake house
  • 2 new furnishing style plans: Daedric, Dwemer
  • New sources of plans: pickpocketing, safe boxes looting, quests, harvesting, and tombs
  • 6 new dyes
  • Rolis Hlaalu, the Master Mediator, has expanded his inventory
    • Includes a Centurion target for testing trial damage
  • Each hireling skill now has roughly 100 more unique messages
  • ESO Plus members will now automatically receive twice the banking inventory slots.
  • Added two more character slots up for sale in the Crown Store
  • Sealed Writs now display their target item and Writ Voucher reward at all times, even when inside of a container.
  • Sealed Writs no longer automatically offer you their quest the moment you first acquire them. You can still use the Sealed Writ at any time to start the quest.
  • All cost poisons have been reduced in effectiveness.


New Trial: Halls of Fabrication

  • Unique achievement awards are available for completing the Trial achievements. These include a unique skin, several titles, and unique housing items

New Item Sets

  • Assassin’s Guile
  • Daedric Trickery
  • Shacklebreaker

New Crafting Motifs
We’ve added four new Motifs for you to collect and craft!

  • The Ashlander style can be learned from the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell.
    • Motif chapters can occasionally be found as rewards for performing daily quests for Numani-Rasi or Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar.
    • The style item, Ash Canvas, can also be earned from the same quests.
  • The Buoyant Armiger style can be obtained from treasure chests and treasure maps across Vvardenfell.
    • Motif chapters are rare, but show up more often in higher-difficulty chests and treasure map chests. By quirk of fate, those who have proven themselves friends of the island and the living god Vivec are more likely to find its chapters or book than others.
    • The style item, Volcant Viridian, can be refined from Viridian Dust, which can be found uncommonly on any harvestable resource in Vvardenfell.
  • The Morag Tong style can be learned from the Hall of Justice in Vivec City.
    • Motif chapters can occasionally be found in Bounty Dispensations or Explorer’s Dispensations awarded to those who complete tasks for the Hall of Justice.
    • The style item, Boiled Carapace, can also be earned from the same quests.
  • The Militant Ordinator style can be acquired from the Battleground Supplies Merchant near Vivec City.
    • Each motif chapter can be purchased for Alliance Points from Colotarion, in the Gladiator’s Quarters.
    • The style item, Lustrous Sphalerite, can be refined from Dull Sphalerite, which is sold for Alliance Points from the same merchant.

New Homes
Three new properties are now available to move into in Morrowind.

  • Saint Delyn Penthouse: For the city-loving Dark Elf, there’s no better choice of residence than the Saint Delyn Penthouse in the heart of Vivec City, on the Waistworks level of the Saint Delyn canton.
    • By completing the quest, “A Friend In Need”, you can earn a modest inn room in the St. Delyn Canton of Vivec City.
    • This inn room can also be purchased for 3000 gold if your character has already completed the quest in the base game or if you already own another inn-room.
  • Ald Velothi Harbor House: On the coast north of Gnisis, this three-level home in the Redoran “bug-house” style comes with a walled courtyard, a nearby dock, and convenient access to the nearby ruins of Ashalmawia and Arkngthunch-Sturdumz.
  • Amaya Lake Lodge: Enjoy the opulent luxury of a country lodge built by the Dark Elves of an earlier, more expansive era—a walled estate with a grand multistory house, roof balcony, stable, storage building, a well, and room for a formal garden.
    • Both the Ald Velothi Harbor House and Amaya Lake Lodge homes require Morrowind achievements in order to purchase them with gold, and are also available for Crowns in furnished and unfurnished variants. Note that these two homes can be purchased for Crowns even if you do not have access to Morrowind, but leaving your new home will take you back to your last safe location outside of Morrowind.

New Furnishings and Furnishing Plans
Many new Furnishing Plans can be found across Vvardenfell in trunks, backpacks, and other common sources for recipes and plans. While they will only appear in Vvardenfell, they can be traded freely or sold on Guild Traders.

  • Four new Furnishers are available in Morrowind:
    • Drops-No-Glass, the Achievement Furnisher for Morrowind, can be found in Saint Delyn’s Inn in Vivec City.
    • Uzipa, a Home Goods Furnisher, sells a variety of volcanic stone, mushrooms, and plants, and can also be found in Saint Delyn’s Inn.
    • Llivas Driler and Brelda Ofemalen, the Battleground Furnishers, sell banners and relics associated with the Storm Lords, Fire Drakes, and Pit Daemons. They can be found in the Gladiator’s Quarters in Vivec City.
  • Xanil Theran, the Luxury Furnisher, continues to cycle his stock of unusual furnishings. This update’s themes will highlight Morrowind’s unique past, including furnishings associated with several of the most secretive and powerful entities to influence Morrowind’s history.
  • There are also a few unique sources of furnishings and plans with the launch of Morrowind:
    • Daedric Furnishing Plans
      • The reward chests for Dark Anchors across Tamirel now have a small chance to contain a Daedric furnishing plan.
      • These same furnishing plans can be found, more rarely, from slain humanoid Daedra, such as Dremora or Xivkyn.
    • Dwarven Furnishing Plans
      • Dwarven constructs and world objects within Dwarven ruins anywhere in Tamriel will rarely have plans for Dwarven machinery and pipeworks.
      • Dwarven constructs will also sometimes provide undamaged cogs and gears when slain, which you can display in your home.
    • Justice-Related Furnishing Plans and Furnishings
      • Some of the citizens of Vvardenfell are carrying new furnishing items or plans in their pockets. Perhaps you’ll help lighten their load?
      • A few of the more prudent islanders have stowed their favorite furnishings in safeboxes. Surely, these will be safe from any prying fingers…
    • Treasure Chests
      • The finest treasure chests in Vvardenfell will rarely contain new paintings specific to Morrowind.
    • Quest-Related Furnishing Rewards
      • Daily tasks for the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell will rarely reward furnishing plans for Ashlander dishware, or directly reward a type of dining knife Ashlanders favor.
    • Harvesting-Related Furnishing Rewards
      • Mushrooms and plants in Vvardenfell will rarely produce accompanying foliage or fungi when harvested. Beetles with fungal infestations may, as well.
    • Ancestral Tombs
      • Ancient Velothi ancestral tombs will also rarely have their own unique furnishings within their offering urns.

New Collectibles

  • Furnishings
    • Vvardenfell Scale Model: Librarian Bradyn in Vivec City believes that completing such a model will reveal the location of the lost Library of Andule, an ancient repository of the knowledge of the Great Houses.
    • Assembly General (Trophy): Complete the Halls of Fabrication to bring home the head of this brazen behemoth.
    • Assembly General (Bust): Complete the Halls of Fabrication on Veteran difficulty to earn this tasteful bust of the Assembly General.
  • Personalities
    • Telvanni Magister: Assist an Argonian slave in her meteoric rise through the ranks of House Telvanni, and learn to adopt the mannerisms of a Telvanni Magister.

New Dyes
This update introduces six new dyes, available for use at dye stations after completing various Morrowind-related achievements.

  • Colossus Brass: This rare dye, named for the distinctive sheen of the Dwarven Colossus, can be earned by completing Halls of Fabrication.
  • Vehk’s Mystic Blue: This rare dye is unlocked after… something…
  • Warden’s Moss Green: This common faded green can be earned by defeating a total of 100 Wardens in Battlegrounds or the Alliance War.
  • Firedrake’s Flame: Based on the heraldry of the Firedrakes, this uncommon dye can be earned by defeating 1,000 opponents in Battlegrounds.
  • Pit Daemon’s Poison: Based on the heraldry of the Pit Daemons, this uncommon dye can be earned by capturing 100 enemy relics in Battlegrounds.
  • Stormlord’s Lightning: Based on the heraldry of the Stormlords, this uncommon dye can be earned by seizing 250 capture points in Battlegrounds.

Master Writ Merchant Update
Rolis Hlaalu, the Master Mediator, has expanded his inventory. He now sells plans for two Target Centurions suitable for evaluating the DPS of an entire Trial group, as well as two separate tiers of Furnisher’s Documents.

  • The “Target Centurion, Dwarf-Brass” is a little tougher than the Veteran Yokeda Kai from Hel Ra Citadel, with nearly 26 million health. In addition to learning the praxis, this requires four Animus Stones as well as 12 Dwarven Construct Repair Parts, which can be found as weekly rewards from the Halls of Fabrication or acquired from other players.
  • The “Target Centurion, Robust Refabricated” is nearly half as tough as Ozara from Sanctum Ophidia, with over 51 million health. This behemoth requires a total of eight Animus Stones, as well as a whopping 120 Dwarven Construct Repair Parts.
  • The Hlaalu Furnisher’s Document is now known as the Hlaalu Master’s Furnisher Document, and is now sold for 25 Writ Vouchers.
  • A new item known as the Hlaalu Journeyman Furnisher’s Document is now available in exchange for 10 Writ Vouchers, and contains a random blue furnishing recipe.

Normal Mode Dungeon Trophies
If you’ve ever wanted to display the head of a Daedric Titan on a wall in your home, you’re in luck! The Undaunted have started taking trophies home to memorialize their kills, and you are encouraged to do the same.

  • The final boss of every dungeon, Trial, and Arena now awards a unique Undaunted Trophy associated with one of the iconic monsters from the encounter. Similar to the Undaunted Busts already available in Veteran Mode, these can be placed once per home, and are account-wide.
  • To help keep things organized, there are now separate sub-sections of the Furnishings category for Undaunted Trophies and Undaunted Busts. Similarly, the Gallery section of the Housing Editor has separate subsections for each.

New Hireling Mails
Each hireling skill now has roughly 100 more unique messages, telling a brand new set of stories. These will start to appear after you’ve exhausted the current pool of messages.

New ESO Plus Benefit: Double Bank Capacity
x This includes both the base banking capacity as well as all bank slot upgrades purchased from Bankers or the Crown Store. That means 20 additional slots per upgrade instead of 10!

  • If your subscription lapses, your bank capacity will return to the standard limit. If this puts you over the limit, you will still be able to withdraw items, but will not be able to add items until you are no longer above the limit (similar to the way the Craft Bag currently works).

Additional Purchasable Character Slots
With the release of Morrowind and the Warden class, we’ve added two more character slots up for sale in the Crown Store. This brings the new maximum character count to 14!

Crafting & Economy


  • Fixed an issue where consuming a full Book of the Skinchanger Style Motif would not unlock all 14 individual chapters in your Lore Library.
  • Adjusted the names and descriptions of the Altmer, Bosmer, and Dunmer motifs and style items to High Elf, Wood Elf, and Dark Elf, to improve consistency with other motifs.
  • Crafting Writ boards in found in Orisinium, Craglorn, and Hew’s Bane no longer claim to have quests for players lower than level six.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented low level monsters from dropping oils as often intended.


  • Corrected the name of the “Diagram: Dark Elf Brazier, Ringed” to “Diagram: Dark Elf Cauldron, Ringed”, to match the actual furnishing it teaches you to craft.


  • Corrected the name of the “Pattern: Breton Carpet, Bordered” to “Pattern: Breton Runner, Bordered”, to match the actual furnishing it teaches you to craft.


  • If you have access to the craft bag, you no longer require empty inventory slots to deconstruct glyphs at an enchanting station.

Guild Traders

  • Fixed an issue that led drink recipes to display as food recipes on Guild Traders.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed locked equipment to be sold on Guild Traders.

Master Writs

  • Sealed Writs now display their target item and Writ Voucher reward at all times, even when inside of a container.
  • The drop rate for Sealed Enchanting Writs now scales more smoothly with your number of known rune translations.
    • Note: The maximum drop rate is unchanged.
  • Updated all Master Writs to specify the tradeskill in question when turning goods in to Rolis Hlaalu.
  • Sealed Writs no longer automatically offer you their quest the moment you first acquire them. You can still use the Sealed Writ at any time to start the quest.


  • Fixed an issue where the Skinchanger style item, Wolfsbane Incense, could be sold to merchants for gold.


  • Skavenger critters, found in City of Ash and Craglorn, now drop Small Game when killed.
  • Adjusted the ingredients for the “Argonian Lanterns, String” and “Argonian Lanterns, Strand” Provisioning patterns to improve consistency.


  • Fixed an issue where the blueprints for “High Elf Shelf, Short” and “High Elf Shelf, Long” were swapped, and produced the wrong item. The short recipe now produces the short item, and the long recipe now produces the long item. As expected!
  • Increased the drop rate for the “Dunmer Chair, Angled” blueprint to align it with the drop rates compared to other green Dunmer blueprints.

Exploration and Itemization


  • All cost poisons have been reduced in effectiveness. Instead of increasing enemy resource costs by 60%, they now only increase enemy resource costs by 30%.



  • Logging out in a home no longer requires you to wait ten seconds.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Assistants to not function in homes under some specific circumstances.
  • Mounts placed inside your home will now fidget periodically.
  • The collision for mounts in homes now more closely matches their collision of similar creatures outside of homes.
  • Items in the Purchase tab of the Housing Editor now indicate that they are Bind On Pickup prior to purchase.
  • Fixed an issue where various furnishers in Coldharbour and the Imperial City Sewers would refuse to speak with criminals.


  • Corrected the visuals for several furnishings that previously appeared to have missing textures on one side or which appeared hollow.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain books to remove you from stealth when read inside a home.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to interact with furnishings while in combat.
  • Adjusted the icons for several furnishing items to better match their appearance.
  • Adjusted the furnishing behavior tags for a number of furnishing items to more accurately reflect their functionality.
  • Increased the price of the “Tree, Hardened Juniper” Home Goods furnishing to 250 gold from 100 gold, to match similar furnishings.
  • Adjusted the gold value of several furnishings to improve consistency.
  • The Alliance Hero Shield furnishings are now available at the Global Achievement Furnisher (Narwaawende in each alliance’s capital city) for gold, in addition to their pre-existing availability on the Achievement Furnishers in Cyrodiil for AP.
  • Added swaying animations to several banner furnishings that were previously stationary.
  • Adjusted the descriptive text of the Hope of Rivenspire achievement furnishing to better match its appearance.
  • Added collision to the “Imperial Cauldron, Pitch-Filled” furnishing item.
  • Fixed an issue where the Surplus Covenant Iceball Trebuchet was not displaying a loaded iceball.
  • The achievement furnishing item “Veloth’s Reliquary” can now be assembled or disassembled.
  • Renamed the green-quality “Orcish Table, Kitchen” to “Orcish Table, Braced Kitchen” due to another table of blue quality sharing the same name.
  • Renamed the green-quality “Orcish Table, Formal” to “Orcish Table, Braced Formal” due to another table of blue quality sharing the same name.
  • The “Dark Anchor Pinion” achievement furnishing no longer appears offset from your cursor when you place it.
    • Please note that this change will cause any previously placed Dark Anchor Pinions to appear at a lower height. You may wish to retrieve and place them again to set them to their desired location.
  • Fixed a camera zooming issue that occurred when previewing the “Dark Anchor Pinion” furnishing.
  • Adjusted the collision on several existing bookcases in order to allow for greater flexibility when placing books with Snap-To-Collision turned on. This also slightly improves the way the shelves are lit.
  • Corrected the placement of the light source for the “Nibenese Lantern, Imperial City” furnishing.
  • Improved the descriptions for Target Skeletons to better explain their behavior.
  • Adjusted the description of the “Veiled Crystal” achievement furnishing to more closely match its appearance.
  • You can now select and reclaim the listed items from each of the following furnished homes:
    • Autumn’s Gate
      • Painting of a Swamp
    • Daggerfall Outlook
      • Painting of a Cottage
      • Painting of Crags
      • Paint of a Desert
      • Painting of a Forest
      • Painting of Mountains
      • Painting of a Tree
      • Painting of a Valley
      • Painting of a Waterfall
    • Earthtear Cavern
      • Redguard Curtain (Smoky)
      • Redguard Shelf (Arched)
      • Redguard Tapestry (Oasis)
    • Forsaken Stronghold
      • Orcish Tapestry (Spear)
      • Orcish Tapestry (Sword)
      • Painting of a Forest
      • Painting of a Swamp
      • Painting of a Tree
      • Painting of a Valley
      • Painting of a Waterfall
    • Grymharth’s Woe
      • Nord Tapestry
      • Painting of a Cottage
      • Paint of a Desert
      • Painting of a Forest
      • Painting of Mountains
      • Painting of a Tree
    • Hunding’s Palatial Hall
      • Blue Tapestry (Lattice)
      • Redguard Curtain (Smoky)
      • Redguard Tapestry (Oasis)
    • Old Mistveil Manor
      • Nord Tapestry (Dragon)
      • Painting of a Forest


  • The areas right outside of each inn room home are once again shared spaces where you can see other player characters.
  • Made a number of minor adjustments to various homes to remove unexpected gaps, fix issues with pre-placed furnishings, and correct other issues.
  • Added a note in the descriptions of Inn Rooms and Apartments stating “Room is too small for Dueling.”
  • Fixed an issue where the House of the Silent Magnifico would occasionally direct you to complete the “A Friend in Need” quest to purchase the house with gold, even after you completed the quest on that character.
  • Improved the collision in the courtyard of Hunding’s Palatial Hall.