ESOTU Patch Notes v2.2.4 – Crafting Summary

The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this patch.


Crafters work in the tradehallThe information has be summarized into the following sections

  • Professions
  • New Styles
  • Item Sets
  • Harvesting
  • Economy
  • Exploration and Itemization



  • Improved the iconography for distinguishing between Restore Health and Restore Magicka within the crafting interface.
  • Conflicting traits (e.g. Restore Health being nullified by Ravage Health) are now highlighted in the Alchemy crafting interface.


  • It is once again possible to extract potency runestones from the lowest rank of enchanting glyphs, Trifling Glyphs.


  • Dine in style with many new Provisioner recipes, four of which revive the true spirit of Orcish cooking as revealed through a series of quests.

New Styles

Akaviri Crafting Style
The secrets of the Akaviri crafting style have been uncovered by scholars on the front lines of the Alliance War!

  • Siege merchants in Cyrodiil will sell chapters of the Akaviri Style for large amounts of Alliance Points.
  • To learn an Akaviri style chapter, you must have at least Rank 9 in at least one of the Metalworking, Tailoring, or Woodworking passives.
  • The merchants will also sell the raw style material needed to craft Akaviri items, Ancient Scale, for a modicum of Alliance Points.
  • You must refine ten Ancient Scales together into one Goldscale in order to use it in crafting Akaviri arms and armor.
  • Once refined together into a Goldscale, the item is immediately bound to your account. If you wish to trade them, you must do so in their unrefined form!

Ancient Orc Crafting Motif

  • The pages of the Ancient Orc Crafting Motif are split between the enemies in Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft, with each Public Dungeon having the chapters that the other does not. Defeating these foes will rarely grant a chapter of the Motif – or, if one proves exceptionally lucky, the entire Motif book.
  • Cassiterite Sand, the Raw Style Item needed to craft in the Ancient Orc Style, can be found in resource nodes all throughout Orsinium. The greater your knowledge of the Ancient Orc Style, the more likely you are to find Cassiterite Sand.
    • Your knowledge of Metalworking, Tailoring, and Woodworking do not alter your chances.
  • Once you have ten units of Cassiterite Sand, you can refine them at any equipment-crafting bench into Cassiterite, used to make Ancient Orc items. This refining process does not bind the Cassiterite to your account.

Mercenary Motif
The mysteries of the Mercenary Motif have been unearthed by the Undaunted!

  • The Mercenary Motif is a brand new crafting style, available only through Undaunted activities.
    • To earn the Chapters of the Mercenary style, you must complete Undaunted Pledges and open their reward chests.
    • Bronze, Silver, and Gold chests all have a good chance to grant a Chapter of the Mercenary style, with Silver having a better chance than Bronze, and Gold having a better chance than Silver.
    • All three chests have a small chance to drop the full Book of the style, as well.
    • The Style Item for Mercenary, Laurel, is found by killing the final boss of Normal and Veteran dungeons, with Veteran dungeons’ final bosses having a better chance than Normal final bosses.
      • This chance is also modified by your knowledge of the Mercenary style: If you know zero Chapters of the style, you will never receive a Laurel from any source. If you know all 14 Chapters, you will always receive a Laurel from Veteran dungeon final bosses, every time you kill one.
      • Laurels are Bind on Pickup – they cannot be sold, traded, or mailed.

Item Sets

  • Three new crafted item sets, available at exotic locales throughout Wrothgar.
  • Armor Master: Clarified the character screen tooltip for this effect to state that you gain its health bonus only if you have an Armor ability slotted.
  • Noble’s Conquest: Fixed an issue which prevented the heal from this item set from being able to critically heal.
  • Redistributor: Fixed an issue which allowed the heal effect from this item set to be dodged.


  • Nirncrux now has a chance to be obtained from any cloth, metal, or wood harvested in Craglorn, not just the Upper reaches.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters below level 50 who should have a chance to drop leather when killed were occasionally not doing so.
  • Heavy sacks found in group dungeons now have a chance to drop ore, wood, cloth, leather, and potency runes, in addition to their current drops.
    • Heavy sacks located in the Imperial City, Cyrodiil, group dungeons, and Wrothgar will now largely drop materials based on your passive crafting abilities.
      • For example, a blacksmith with rank 1 Metalworking might obtain iron ore in Cyrodiil. If that blacksmith upgrades their Metalworking passive to rank 2, they will no longer obtain the lower rank material, and start obtaining high iron ore in its place.
      • Note: At the highest passive ranks, you still have a chance to obtain materials from the previous tier.
  • Harvest nodes in Cyrodiil now scale to the most advanced material type your character can use for crafting.



  • Fixed an issue that was causing food, drinks, and potions to occasionally display inflated tooltip values.  The actual effect strength is unchanged.

Exploration & Itemization


  • Fixed a minor text issue that could cause Rubedo Leather, Ancestor Silk, and Ruby Ash to incorrectly pluralize.Fixed an issue that was causing some merchant-bought foods to not display correctly as Veteran Rank 1.
  • Consumables will now scale to VR14 correctly in Cyrodiil.
  • Fixed an issue where some tooltip text for Dreugh Wax and Elegant Lining was reversed.
  • Using the Carry Capacity Riding Lesson will now properly indicate that it was specifically your carry capacity that was updated, not some other capacity.
  • Fixed a grammatical issue that appeared in the confirmation message for reading a style book.
  • Clarified the tooltip for the Impenetrable Trait on armor to clearly state that it reduces crit damage from other player characters.
  • Malachite shards now correctly appear when searching the raw material filters for Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothing within Guild Stores.Fixed an issue where crafted and dropped consumables were not scaling appropriately in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. These consumables will now scale to Veteran Rank 14.
  •  Dye stations now support the dyeing of shields so you can match your shield to your armor.