ESOTU Patch Notes 2.5.2 (PTS) – Crafting Summary

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

The Elder Scrolls Online v2.5.2 is our latest incremental on the PTS that continues to address issues found in the latest DLC game pack, Shadows of the Hist. We’ve also made several fixes and updates to the base game patch including additional changes to racial passives, tradeable bind-on-pickup items, and more.

In this patch, we’ve copied all characters from the PC European megaserver. The size of the patch is approximately 370MB.


Crafting & Economy

  • Fixed an issue where poisons were displaying incorrect durations.
  • Updated the visual effects for poisons applying Uncertainty, Hindrance, Cowardice and Maim.
  • Adjusted the camera at the Dye station so it’s more zoomed out to help ensure that you can see your full outfit, including your hat or helmet on big heads.

Crown Store & ESO Plus

  • You will now be able to correctly dye Cadwell’s Helm.
  • Updated the names of all Dye Stamp items to give them a named week. This will help identify which week the Dye Stamp belongs to long after it was purchased.

Bind-on-Pickup Items

  • Added icons to the Inventory screen and tooltips to better identify bind-on-pickup items that can be traded.
  • Tradeable bind-on-pickup items that have their timer expire while in the trade window now display an error message when they’re automatically removed from the trade.
  • Bind-on-pickup items that can be traded can no longer be listed in the guild store, stored in a guild bank, or mailed to other player characters.
  • Fixed an issue where you could attempt to trade a bind-on-pickup item to an ineligible player character, and thus have the item be locked.