ESOTU Patch Notes 2.3.5 – Enhanced Crafting Summary

The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac. Also, I’ve included some additional items that may be of interest.

New content coming to ESOTU!Summary

This patch has extensive changes to the all aspects of the game.  It all of the PTS crafting updates were implemented and few more were added in 2.3.5.

Here are the highlights below followed by the actual related notes from the official forums.

  • 64-bit client available, however since the default is 32-bit, you will have to run ESO64.exe from the ESO install directory
  • DirectX 9 support has been phased out
  • Champion System perks have changed some crafting perks may be in new locations.
  • Assistants, special form of pets, are now available for purchase to provide fence and vendor services while out of town.
  • Loyalty reward for ESO+ members and Orsinium / Thieves Guild Owners
  • New motifs and sets available
  • Universal crafting style mat available from Crown Store:  special style items (Laurels, etc.) are now tradable
  • Provisioning writs will now be only available from chef vendors and will no longer be in the writ loot tables
  • Cadwell Silver completion will be rewarded with a new Soul-Shriven Motif
  • Realignment of DLC crafting achievements to the DLC sections of the Achievement list from Crafting section (eg.  Xivkyn from crafting to Imperial City DLC achievements list)
  • Several journal entries and Library entries have seen bug / typo fixes

Loyalty Rewards

  Anyone who owns the Orsinium or Thieves Guild DLC game packs, or is an ESO Plus member, will be granted a vanity pet as a loyalty reward!

  • The Orsinium reward is an Echalette vanity pet, and the Thieves Guild reward is a Jackal vanity pet.
  • You’ll need to complete a new achievement to receive your pet by simply walking into the main city for each DLC.
    • Orsinium loyalty reward achievement: “A Gift from Orsinium”
    • Thieves Guild loyalty reward achievement: “Spoils of Abah’s Landing”
  • The pet will be added to your Collections UI, and will be usable account-wide.
  • Going forward, each DLC game pack will include some sort of reward for those that purchase or have access to it.


64-bit Client
We’ve introduced a 64-bit version of ESO for the PC and Mac game clients.

  • This will fix a large number of crash issues, as well as improve memory usage.
  • If you want to use the 64-bit client for PC, you will need to manually launch the executable file (ESO64.exe) from your ESO install directory.
  • The 32-bit version of the game will continue to be maintained for the PC client, but only the 64-bit version for the Mac client will be supported moving forward.
  • The Mac client will now require more RAM, with 8GB of RAM recommended.
    • Machines with 4GB of RAM may see a negative effect on game performance.

DirectX 11 Upgrade
We have upgraded the ESO graphics engine to be DirectX 11 specific.

  • You will no longer be able to launch or run the DirectX 9 version of the game.
  • We will no longer support graphics cards and operating systems that are not compatible with DirectX 11.
  • This will allow us to implement new graphics features only possible with the removal of DirectX 9, as well as improve the overall performance of the engine.

Gamepad Mode

  • While crafting, you will now see the number of provisioning items currently in your inventory and bank space.


  • Addons will no longer be able to deconstruct gear that you currently have equipped at a crafting station.

User Interface / Gameplay

Champion System Improvements
The Champion System abilities have undergone significant revision to improve the viability and balance of each star, which you can read about in more detail under the Fixes & Improvements section.

  • The Warrior (red) and The Mage (blue) tree abilities are now closely matched to counterbalance the defensive and offensive bonuses.
  • Infrequently selected abilities have been improved and consolidated for better Champion System build diversity.
  • Many abilities have had their tooltips and effects clearly outlined so that bonuses are easier to understand.

New Collection Category: Assistants
Assistants are non-combat followers that you can summon via the Collection system, similar to pets, which provide various services. These benefits include (but are not limited to) selling and fencing items, as well as accessing the bank.

  • You may have an assistant or a pet summoned at any given time, but not both simultaneously.
  • Rumor has it that adventurers may gain an assistant from supporting the Thieves Guild in its endeavors in Abah’s Landing.

DLC Quests from Collectibles
You will now be able to access an introductory quest for each DLC game pack via the Collection system! A new tab has been added to the Collection system for all DLC entries.

Crown Mimic Stone
The Crown store now offers a new type of style item that can be used to make equipment in any crafting motif the crafter has learned.

  • To utilize these magical items after purchase, simply set the interface to use the Crown Mimic Stone at any clothier, blacksmith or woodworking station and create a piece of equipment.
  • The Crown Mimic Stone permanently transmutes itself upon being integrated into an item, which means deconstruction can yield the specific style item associated with the equipment but will never return the Crown Mimic Stone itself.
  • The introduction of this item allows us to update the Malachite, Laurel and Goldscale style items to be fully tradeable, akin to all other style items.
  • The Crown Store will offer Crown Mimic Stones in various quantities, and the purchase of any high-end motif will include complementary Crown Mimic Stones as well.

Crafting & Economy


  • The alchemy and provisioning UI will now display the proper message when creating items.
  • Fixed an issue where some blacksmithing and alchemy writs in Orsinium would incorrectly direct you to Craglorn to turn them in.
  • Fixed an issue where enchanting writs in Wrothgar incorrectly claimed to award blacksmithing supplies, when you would actually get the expected enchanting supplies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Orc style chapters did not show up in Eidetic Memory after being learned.
  • Updated the cooking fire in Coldsnap Clothiers to be slightly easier to use.
  • Corrected some minor typos in the text for crafting writs.
  • Lush plants located at survey sites will now have appropriate audio when you harvest them.
  • Reading all chapters of a crafting style book will now mark the entire book as ‘read’.
  • Reduced the amount of materials obtained when deconstructing stolen goods.
    • You will now obtain a single material of the type the item is constructed from.
    • This change does not affect inspiration gains, style item drops, trait item drops, or the amount of materials obtained when deconstructing laundered goods.
  • Adjusted a small number of Survey Reports to ensure they lead to the intended number of rich harvest nodes.


  • The Major Brutality, Major Savagery, Major Prophecy, and Major Sorcery buffs will now correctly display an icon in your Active Effects UI when obtained from potions.

Vendors now sell recipes used in Provisioning Writs, which will ensure provisioners are able to reasonably complete any Provisioning Writ received.

  • Food recipes will appear on Chefs, while drink recipes show up on Brewers.
  • The recipes offered are based on your current level of Recipe Improvement, though they also will offer recipes from the previous rank as well.
  • Provisioning Writs will no longer reward these recipes.
  • Completing the certification quest for Provisioning will directly provide the recipes needed for the first tier of writs to ensure novice provisioners can immediately undertake the quests.

New and Updated Item Sets
We’re introducing new item sets which will be available from a variety of sources:

  • 3 new crafted item sets, available exclusively at the crafting stations in Abah’s Landing.


  • Reduced the drop rate of Mercenary Motif chapters. They will now drop approximately one-fourth as often as they did previously from any given rank of Undaunted chests.
    • This change does not impact the drop rates of Laurels.

New Crafting Motifs
This update introduces a host of new crafting motifs to learn:

  • Outlaw: Found in the delves and world bosses of Hew’s Bane from the Thieves Guild DLC game pack
  • Trinimac: Received from Orsinium Daily Delve quests
  • Malacath: Received from Orsinium Daily World Boss quests
  • Alliance Motifs: Found in chests within Cyrodiil and Imperial City
  • Soul-Shriven: Received from completing the Cadwell’s Silver quest (anyone who has already completed this quest will receive this style)
    • Those who complete Cadwell’s Gold will receive a special item that you can perhaps wear on your head…
  • Fixed an issue where the Mercenary Style Chapters were not represented in the Lore Library. They are now located in their own section of Eidetic Memory, just like other Crafting Styles.

Cadwell’s Silver and Gold Updates
Silver and Gold alliances are no longer restricted by accepting and completing Cadwell’s quests, and will instead immediately unlock when you reach Veteran Rank 1.

  • Upon the initial unlock, the first zone’s wayshrines will be displayed on the map for you to fast travel to.  You can also jump directly to other player characters in those alliances.
  • Silver and Gold content is also immediately unlocked for anyone who accepts Cadwell’s quest before reaching VR1.
  • When accepting Cadwell’s Silver and Gold, your quest progress will be immediately updated for anyone who has already completed some or all of the objectives required for those quests (i.e. if you complete content in the Silver and Gold zones before taking Cadwell’s quests, you don’t have to play that content again).
  • Completing Cadwell’s Silver will grant you the Soul-Shriven Style Motif book; completing Cadwell’s Gold will grant you a unique Collectible from Sir Cadwell himself.
    • For those who’ve already completed these quests, you will automatically receive the rewards.
    • Every player character who has completed Cadwell’s Silver will receive a Soul-Shriven Motif in the mail, and anyone who has completed Cadwell’s Gold will receive the Collectible directly to their Collections UI.


  • Relocated the Xivkyn Style Master achievement from the Crafting category to the Imperial City DLC category, to be consistent with the location of other achievements introduced in DLC content.
  • Adjusted the achievements for spending 300, 600, and 900 Champion Points in each constellation. These achievements now require 50, 100, and 150 Champion Points spent, respectively.
  • Undaunted Skill Master: This achievement now specifies that you must reach Rank 5 in the skill line to acquire the achievement, instead of incorrectly indicating that you need to reach the maximum Rank in the skill line.