ESOTU Orsinium Launch Details

For the first time in The Elder Scrolls series since Daggerfall, embark on an unforgettable journey to Orsinium, the majestic ancestral home of the Orcs located deep within the mountains of Wrothgar. Read on to learn more about the Orsinium DLC game pack features, pricing, and more.

New content coming to ESOTU!
New content coming to ESOTU!


This article summarizes what crafters can look forward to.

Orsinium DLC Game Pack Features & Content

With the purchase of the Orsinium DLC game pack, you get access to the full city of Orsinium and zone of Wrothgar. That includes the following:

  • Over 20 hours of captivating story content and quests
  • A long-awaited exploration of the culture of Tamriel’s Orcs
  • A colossal new zone available to characters of all levels
  • Special harvest nodes that scale to the most advanced material type your character can use for craftingSix all-new, challenging world bosses
  • Powerful new gear, unique crafting styles, and other rewards inspired by the history and denizens of Wrothgar
    • Four new Provisioner recipes, only available in Wrothgar
    • 3 new craftable sets
    • The Ancient Orc crafting style

Orsinium Base-Game Patch

The Orsinium base-game patch includes gamepad support for PC, subtitles for all platforms, shield dyeing, improvements to battle-leveling, fixes and improvements to existing game systems and content, and more!

  • Gamepad support
  • Shield Dyeing
  • Akaviri crafting style
  • Increased item drop rates…and more!

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