ESOTU Are Writs Worth It? – Revisited

Merchant Stall

A frequently heard question in crafting circles that question of whether or not crafting writs are worth the trouble. Several factors play a role in answering this question: Your supply of materials,your need for the mats to gear alts, how many materials are needed for your tier of writ, and the overall supply/demand pricing to obtain the mats you don’t have.

In the past, I personally would recommend the consumable writs to others as the materials were much easier to come by and there are fewer final products in their writ pools. The writ items could  be conveniently made in advance and grabbed out of the bank as needed by your various characters.  There are various add-ons that will track your writs and remove the items from your bank as needed.

However, the prices on many of the higher [PC][NA] have dropped on the highest level mats as many of the players have re-geared since the last patch. According to a recent post on the forums, all writs are profitable again.

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