ESO Update 26 Combat Changes Preview Posted

Say What?

A preview of the upcoming combat changes in the Elder Scrolls Online has been posted on the official forums. Here is a mobile-friendly summary of the changes.


  • The full list of changes will be revealed with the patch notes next week
  • This update is primarily focused on
    • reinforcing itemization standards
    • improving quality of life for werewolves,
    • balancing PvP
  • The significant changes to Light and Heavy Attacks tested on PTS will not be included with Update 26.
  • U26 not only has Vampire updates, but Werewolf updates also
    • Want to keep the “in your face” action of the Werewolf
    • Want to add rotation options when you’ve transformed into this ferocious form.
      • Pounce now has a follow up attack afterwards that also has an execute scaled on Bleed.
      • Adjustments to allow buffing and debuffing to give a sense of being a pack leader.
      • To improve sustain for werewolves Hircine’s Bounty now has some added functionality if you’re already at full health and don’t need the heal from the ability.
  • Standardization changes will be completing in U26 with Monster Masks/Shoulders.
    • Standards aren’t written in stone, but we now have equal measures of power and performance from these 2 piece sets
    • Some are having their 1 piece adjusted to better suit the function of the set.
    • Other sets are receiving functionality adjustments (damage values, trigger conditions, cooldowns, etc.) to follow their intended functionality based on their sourcing.
    • To help with performance, some sets are having their “chance to proc” removed and instead now have a cooldown.
      • Note that because the cooldown is increasing, the damage is also increasing.
  • Introducing Perfected Veteran Maelstrom and Perfected Dragonstar Arena weapons to bring these two arenas up to par with others that add Perfected versions.
    • Completing Veteran mode in each of those arenas and will have additional bonuses much like other Perfected sets.
    • Completing Maelstrom or Dragonstar Arena will now grant Blue versions of the non-perfected weapons from these arenas.
    • Making a few standardization adjustments to ALL Arena weapons.
    • Your current VMA and DSA Weapons will not be automatically upgraded to Perfected versions.
  • Making some small adjustments to Critical Resistance and Healing affecting PvP specifically.
    • Battlespirit will now reduces healing taken by 60% instead of 50%.
  • Gearing up for PvP is very limiting due to the need for building Critical Resistance.
    • Other popular traits and builds aren’t as viable in PvP unless you’re a glass cannon or top-end player.
      • Granting a baseline Critical Resistance.
      • Making several adjustments to item sets which grant Critical Resistance.
      • Making changes to the Impenetrable trait by reducing the value.