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What does the Luxury Furnisher offer this week?

The Luxury Furnisher Vendor (Zanil Theran) is located north of the bank in the Hollow City, Coldharbour.

  • Daedric Drinking Bowl, Ritual 650g
  • Daedric Urn, Sealed 1,000g
  • Daedric Chandelier, Spiked 8,000g
  • Daedric Chest, Sealed 8,000g
  • Daedric Sconce, Coldharbour 10,000g
  • Tapestry of a Failed Incarnate, The Brute 20,000g
  • Tapestry of a Failed Incarnate, The Warseeker 20,000g
  • Daedric Throne, Skulls 25,000g

There is a cheaper version of the Daedric Chandelier, Spiked called the Lantern of Anguish that can be purchased from the global achievement vendor for 5,000g
There is a more expensive version of the chest available year-round from the Fighter’s Guild achievement vendor for 10,000g

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