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ESO Delve: Matus-Akin Egg Mine

Through unknown breeding and feeding practices, the kwama miners of Matus-Akin have been developing a new, more aggressive breed of kwama…The Temple wishes to learn more about their breeding methods. Matus-Akin Egg Mine delve is located in central Eastern   Vvardenfell. Nearest wayshrine is Molag Mar  which is a short distance to the south.  It is …

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ESOTU Delve: Nchuleft

For the long-lost Dwarves, Nchuleft–don’t confuse it with Nchuleftingth!–seems to have been some sort of heavy manufacturing facility. Though millennia have passed, its defenses remain active… and dangerous.  Nchuleft delve is located in Northern  Vvardenfell  Nearest wayshrine is Tel Mora which is a short distance to the east.  There multiple locations within and the cavernous room …

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ESO Delve: Zainsipilu

Its dampness, volcanic warmth, and natural ventilation all combine to make Zainsipilu an unusually lush subterranean environment.  Zainsipilu delve is located in southwestern  Vvardenfell  Nearest wayshrine is Seyda Neen which is a short distance to the southeast.  It is a mid-size cavernous.  The quick spawns within the delve gives it the potential to be a great location to farm …

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ESO Delve: Pulk

In the Grazelands, bandits are uncommon near the coast where there are plenty of Telvanni guards. To the west, towardthe slopes of Red Mountain, the region is more dangerous. Pulk delve is  located in northeastern Vvardenfell.  Nearest wayshrine is Tel Mora which is a short distance to the north.  It is fairly large two level circular delve with many …

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ESOTU Delve: Broken Tusk

None know today what lost cult of Daedra worshipers built the original shrine in these caverns, nor what they called it. But the lair the Argonians call Broken Tusk exudes an almost palpable sense of the evil that’s been done there over the ages. Broken Tusk delve is  located in eastern Shadownfen at the northern tip of a …

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ESOTU Delve: Rubble Butte

This underground site is part of Nilata, one of the most extensive Ayleid ruin complexes in Hammerfell. It was occupied by the Wild Elves for at least a thousand years, and its welkynd stones will probably continue to glow for at least another thousand.. Rubble Butte delve is  located in central Bangkorai.  Nearest wayshrine is Nilata Ruins  which …

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