This category is for crafting light and medium armor.

ESOTU Do You Gamble with Improvements?

NightWolf_2112 on the official forums asks the question: I am just curious to see how many crafters out there really live on the edge or are you not that adventurous and will be sure (100%) they will succeed! I am not very risk adverse and most of the time use the maximum number of improvement items to …

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ESOTU Hireling Statistics?

This week in the official (crafting) forums, there was a post by Reorx Holybeard who had gathered hireling statistics over 155 days. While the math isn’t perfect, I was interested on the method used. I’ve been thinking about doing some hireling analysis myself and having this information reduces the need to completely “re-invent the wheel”. …

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ESOTU Equipment Writs, Worth it?

In patch 2.5.5, equipment writs were changed to use only the top tier refined materials. When One-Tamriel arrives later this year with its overabundance of top-tier materials available for harvesting, it makes sense to make this change.  However, the equipment rewards, in their present form, are “a kick in the stones”: 664g, 1 Intricate / Ornate item, 1 …

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ESOTU Changing Top-Tier Writs to Only Use Top Tier Mats

The Shadows of the Hist update to be released later this year will introduce a change to the materials needed to complete the top tier writs. The top tier of durable Crafting Writs (Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothier) now require only the top tier of material. There are some concerns about this change. The most notable is …

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ESOTU Crafting Deconstruction Analysis 2.4.6

Looking for the path to crafting leveling efficiency? SpAEkus has completed his inspiration analysis for each of the crafting professions and posted his findings on the official forums.  The analysis includes the inspiration to create and deconstruct an item and the best level items to crafted per refined material (eg. jute, iron, etc.) Related Previous Analysis

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