Website: Changes 2017-05

New content coming to ESOTU!Greetings all.  Earlier this week I updated the website look and feel to make more contemporary and added a few new items for your convenience.

New Features and Content

  1. Countdown timer for Morrowind
  2. New Slider on the main page with links to my featured content
    (Getting around without Wayshrines, Master Crafter Guide, etc.)
  3. New Menu item for Gear and Consumables
    (Crafted, Dropped, and Vendor Info)
  4. New Menu item for Things to Do in Tamriel
    (Dailies, Weeklies, Crafting, Fishing, Housing, and Events)
  5. Google Translate Toggle to switch content to your language of choice
  6. New Section with links to ESOTU community content on Twitch and YouTube Gaming
  7. New Section with a summary of ESOTU events like special vendors and reset times.
  8. New Section for the official ESOTU newsfeed from ElderScrollsOnline.

I hope you like the new changes and that the changes do not result in longer load times for all you mobile users out there.

Good Luck and Safe Travels,