ESOTU Review: ESO Guide Ways to get Crafting Mats

Sherman’s Gaming has posted a good video on harvesting various crafting materials for all professions in ESO. The focus of the video is on the starter regions which make ideal harvest zones: easy to get to by new players, smaller zone area, and abundant  variety of crafting items.

One thing I appreciated was that he provided a review of the items harvested to give an example of the types of harvest yields the view can expect to get. He mentions a few other areas  but unfortunately often references zones and not specific named locations.  Duration: < 20 minutes.


If you haven’t checked out Kevduit’s channel on youtube, you should. Kevdiut produces high quality and humourous videos on a variety of topics. This recent video on crafting is highly entertaining whether you are into crafting or not. Follow these basic tips and you will find a steady stream of income from a variety of sources listed in this guide. Duration: < 12 minutes.

ESOTU Review: ESO Homestead – Furniture Crafting – The Elderscrolls Online

Tianlein has posted a great video on the basics of  Furniture Crafting. The pace is good and content is clearly explained. She includes a nice graphic of where the furniture materials are harvested and what the types of blueprints, diagrams, etc. for each crafting profession are. Looking for a quick primer? This one is worth your time. Duration: < 4 minutes.

Review: ESO: Homestead – Crafting preview (1.8.17)

The Vaniverse Gaming has posted an interesting video on the mechanics of Furniture Crafting to be included in the next ESO updated called Homestead.  He visits each of the different types of crafting stations and introduces the new “recipes” and crafting currency. Duration: < 18 minutes.

ESOTU Video Review: MissBizz — All About Crafting Writs

One of our favourite ESOTU Community Ambassadors and YouTuber/Streamer has posted a current video on the essentials of crafting writs. If you are wondering about writs and want a good primer, her video is worth the view. Duration: ~11 minutes.

Video Review: VanguardGamer – New FOOD / NEED to Know FOOD ESO Master list

A popular ESOTU Console YouTuber, VanguardGamer has released  a video listing provisioning recipes.  It’s one of the few crafting videos I have seen on the console.

The explanation of the different recipes was not to bad but be warned ESO has over 540 recipes and there is a lot of scrolling in the video and not much commentary after the summary at the beginning of the video. Duration: ~15 minutes

ESOTU Review: How To Farm: Draugr Motif!

Panda has posted a good and short video on how to maximize your daily chances of farming a draughr motif and it’s style item, pristine shroud. Duration: < 5 minutes.

Note: You can get the quests in any city with a Mages’ Guild, Fighters’ Guild, or Undaunted Enclave.

ESOTU Review: ESO Tips & Tricks- 100K gold in a Day With Provisioning

Earlier this month, The Vaniverse Gaming posted a great guide on how to make coin with your provisioner. He covers addons, hirelings, what sells, and where to sell it. Duration: ~20 mins.

Caution: Use of convenience addons like multicraft and cookerywiz is frequently debated amongst the player-base if they violent the automation section of the Terms of Service.

Video Review: New Alcast Crafting Guides

A popular ESOTU Theorycrafter and YouTuber, Alcast has released  eight new videos for new players.

The first crafting-related one in the series covers off the crafting profession proficiency passives, brief introduction to the crafting stations, and the activities you can perform at them. Duration: 11 minutes

The second crafting related video is very brief and gives a brief introduction to harvesting nodes in a starter zone. One of the topics I haven’t seen often in existing crafting videos, is the special crafted set stations around the world of Tamriel. In this video, Alcast introduces the special crafting set location map icon and requirement of researched traits needed to craft the set. Duration: approximately 4 mins.

ESOTU How Nodes Will Scale in One Tamriel

In a recent @ElderScrollsOTR broadcast featuring Rich Lambert, he talks about OneTamriel and the question about harvesting nodes was raised (28:30). The nodes will scale like the battle-levelled zones.

Resource nodes that spawn in battle leveled zones (such as Orsinium or the Gold Coast) now come in two varieties and provide crafting resources based on either your combat level or your rank in the associated material-use passive.

  • When the resource node spawns, it has an even chance to be based on either level or passive rank.

from 2.4.5 Patch Notes