ESOTU PTS – New Horns Off The Reach Dungeons in Pledge Rotation

I’ve been monitoring the PTS pledge rotation and noticed the sequence was off from live. Previously, this has meant that the rotation has been altered.  Today, my suspicions were confirmed and the Bloodroot Forge has was offered by the Public Test Server Downloadable Content pledge giver.

I will  continue to monitor the pledges and will update the pledge order on the dailies list and on the calendar after launch.

ESOTU Add-on: Tinydog’s Crafting Calculator

Do MoreAn add-on  that promises to be a powerful tool for the [PC] Crafting entrepreneur was recently updated by its author who has returned to ESO1T. Titled “Tinydog’s Crafting Calculator“, allows the player to take crafting orders and calculate all of the necessary materials,  quantities to craft them, and estimates a cost.


ESOTU Crown Store: Assassin’s League and Dro-m’Athra

This month two current motifs will be available for purchase in January.

The Assassins League Style will be available on all platforms starting on January 5th.

The Dro-m’Athra Style will be available on all platforms for a limited time from January 26 to January 30.

ESOTU Undaunted Pledges 2.6.0 Tracking

UpdateOver the past five PTS pledge cycles, I have been tracking the pledges offered by the three pledge givers. Here are my initial findings and speculation

  1. General
    1. The pledges don’t appear to random per character. I picked a few characters on different factions and they received the same pledges.
  2. Urgarlag
    1. Appears to rotate pledges between DLC’s and dungeons. eg. IC dungeon 1, SotH dungeon 1, IC dungeon 2, SotH dungeon 2, etc.
  3. Maj
    1. Appears to rotate pledges between version I and II but different dungeons. eg. Dungeon A I, dungeon B II, dungeon C I, etc.
  4. Glirion
    1. Appears to be offering dungeons with version I’s first.

If the patterns do repeat, I’ll update my Undaunted Article and ESOTU calendar.

ESOTU Survey Map Issues?

Bug bites another player.There are a few issues being reported at the moment relating  Crafting Survey Nodes .

  1. [PC] Missing Survey Nodes
    An addon (Lost Treasure Maps) issue. Updating the Addon will fix this issue.
  2. [PC] Missing Leather Nodes (Furrier Traps)
    It has been reported that other players can see your nodes and loot them.
  3. [XBOne / PS4] Missing Nodes
    This issue appears to be a reappearance of the banker assistant exploit hotifix. I have no other information on this issue.

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