Spoiler: ESO Dragonhold: The Dragonguard’s Legacy


I seek your help in a most urgent matter. Dragons ravage Elsweyr, and my former students means to fight back against the beasts. I have done my utmost to support him, but find myself in need of your aid.

I discovered a Dragonguard tomb. Hopefully, it contains the ancient order’s Dragon-hunting wisdom, which I can then pass along to my former student. I require your help to open it.

I have attached my current location to this letter. I hope you’ll meet with me as soon as you are able.

May Tava guide you,


Kasura’s Letter
Note: This guide contains spoilers.

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ESO Spoiler: Relics of Summerset

Achievement hunting in Summerset or found some stuff in a hidden thief drop? This brief guide will help you find all the relics of Summerset and where to take them.

Welcome, welcome! I expected you would come, though perhaps not quite so soon. you’re here about the missing relics of course. — Relicmaster Glenadir

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ESO Spoiler: The Precursor (Target Dummy)

I’ve never seen such a farce. What has happened to the state in intellectual curiosity in Clockwock City? I’m simply beside myself.

Note: The purchase of the Clockwork City DLC is required to complete this quest.

This quest begins in the Brass Fortress by reading a note on the bulletin board just outside the Clockwork Basilica.

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ESOTU Spoiler: Ancestral Adversity (Veloth Ancestral Tomb)

Elfbetta asked me to enter the Dreloth Ancestral Tomb and check on Narsis Dren. He’s been gone for a long time and she’s starting to get worried. The ancient Dreloth family, a cadet branch of House Dres, long ago relocated from Vvardenfell to Kragenmoor. But their ancestral tomb remains.

Note: The purchase of the Morrowind Chapter is required to complete this quest line.

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