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ESOTU Delve: Onkobra Kwama Mine

When the Dark Elves freed their Argonian slaves, some of the Lizard-Folk assumed control of the Dunmeri ventures where they had been laboring in bondage.  Not all these ventures have been successful.

Onkobra Kwama Mines are located in central Shadowfen.  Nearest wayshrine is Percolating Mire  which is a short distance to the east.  It is a small circular delve.  Overall, a decent place to farm provisioning mats and  scrib jelly.

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ESOTU Delve: Taleon’s Crag

Some have speculated that this site comes by its name because this is where the famous Nord author Taelon Mythmaker chose to retire after his bitter literary feud with Helgreir Lut-Voice. Phrastus of Elinhir, however, regards this theory as “fanciful twaddle.”  

Taleon’s Crag is located in the southern region of Deshaan. Nearest wayshrine is Ghost Snake Vale wayshrine (east of Mournhold).


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