Don’t touch my sweetroll! Make your own

What better way to stock up for your adventures into Western Skyrim than with a sugary, sticky sweetroll? In this new sponsored video, Babish crafts sweetrolls from the Official Elder Scrolls Cookbook, and then offers his own version of the classic Tamrielic treat!
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ESOTU [Datamined] “Jester’s Festival” Recipes 2.7.0

Updatecode65536 has posted some interesting recipe information on the forums that was recently datamined. They appear to relate to the “Jester’s Festival”, which we believe is the April Fool’s Event.

There are four recipes in all and include a two epic purple recipes, 1 blue, and 1 green recipe.

Interesting to note, that this event introduces recipes that require more than one of the same ingredient!

ESOTU Don’t pay for Orzogas’ Recipes!

Save your moneyCurrently, players are selling the three blue recipes and one gold recipe for large amounts of coin. They can be obtained from some relatively quick and easy quests from an NPC Northwest of Orsinium.  Save your coin!

More Info (including maps)

I have since created a guide for these quests: ESOTU Spoiler: Orzorga's Recipes