ESOTU Public Dungeon: The Vile Manse

The Colovians of the Imperial West are generally known as a devout people, dedicated to the Eight Divines and the old Imperial virtues. But every generation throws up a few who turn to dark and sinister pursuits; these are known to their compatriots as the Woeful Colovians.”. 

The Vile Manse is located on northwest corner of the Reaper’s March, a short distance northwest of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine.

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ESOTU Delve: Claw’s Strike

Adoption of the Riddle’Thar Epiphany was not without controversy: when the priests of the Shrine of the Consummate S’rendarr in the Jodewood refused to accept the new edicts, they were exiled and the temple deconsecrated. Today it is a bandit lair.”

Claw’s Strike is located north of the Do’Krin Monastery in Reaper’s March.

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ESOTU Treasure Map Compendium

This compendium provides the rumoured locations of the infamous bandits and pirates of Tamriel.


The following maps were created using locations provided by Lost Treasure 4.17.

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