TheoryCRAFTING: Do Dailies Repeat?

TheoryCRAFTING is a series of articles where I examine an Elder Scrolls Online theory, crafting, and or both.
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Have you ever wondered if all the daily quests are random or if they repeat in the same sequence?  I have.  We have observed that in at least one situation where quests repeat in game: the Undaunted Pledges. What about the others?

Repeat or do not repeat. That is the question.  Based on my experiences chasing down achievements, I believe that they do. Once while running dailies in Wrothgar for several days with a group that was doing them at reset time, the leader mentioned that these dailies did repeat in the same order.

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ESOTU Spoiler: Waters Run Foul 

I ran into a researcher in the city wing of Shada’s Tear who told me that the rest of her research team drank the cursed waters of Shada’s Tear and went mad. She asked me to save her friend, Nahlia, who was catured by the mad researchers.

Tip: A group of three or four is recommended for this quest line. However, can be done with less but will take longer.

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ESOTU Spoiler: At Any Cost (Daedric Shrine Stones)

Mistress Dratha, having woken from a crippling illness, made it clear that she wants to beat death.  Seven Daedric relics called the Stone of Cold Fire may be the key to achieving immortality.

Note: The purchase of the Morrowind Chapter is required to complete this quest line and it requires you complete the Vos location quest line (Reclaiming Vos).

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Spoiler: Divine Inquiries – Barilzar’s Tower (Rainbow Puzzle)

Lord Vivec fears that the mysterious afflication that drains his divine energy may be the result of an enemy’s attack.

I’ve been ask to investigate three locations. One of these location is Barilzar’s Tower.

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