ESO Patch Notes v.5.3.0 Stonethorn / Update 27 – Highlights (PTS)

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v6.1.0, introducing the Stonethorn DLC Game Pack and Update 27! This latest DLC features two new 4-player dungeons – one of which includes a Hard Mode for each boss – and is accompanied by several new item sets, collectibles, achievements, and titles.

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ESO Patch Notes v6.0.8

PTS Off-Cycle Testing -Light/Heavy Attacks

Say What?
Overheard in Tamriel

On the official forums, Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS) has has posted special Public Test Server (PTS) patch notes which explains some of the significant changes made to light and heavy attacks. ZOS cautions that these changes are part of an off-cycle test and these changes may or may not be incorporated at a later date.

ZOS is very interested in player feedback on these changes.

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ESO Patch Notes v.5.2.11 – Highlights

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.11 is our final scheduled incremental for this year and includes a fix for characters getting stuck in Keeps, some additional fixes and adjustments for Battlegrounds, a fix for the Moongrave Fane Motif drop rate, and more.
Size: ~237.5MB.

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ESO Patch Notes v.5.2.10 – Highlights

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.10 includes several adjustments for the Activity Finder that should make it more stable and reliable, in addition to some Battleground fixes affecting MMR matchmaking and additional load screen issues. We’ve also re-enabled the Dungeon Explorer costume, which was disabled last weekend due to an exploit, made several fixes for the Cradle of Shadows dungeon, fixed the issue where offline friends would still appear as online with missing information, and more. Size: ~198MB.

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