ESO August 2020 Crown Store Showcase Details Announced

Become an avatar of order, dress to impress the taverns of Skyrim, and find a fearsome or fawning new friend within the Crown Store this August!

This month features The Paragon Trinimac Statuette, some Midyear Mayhem items, a new Icereach Coven Dungeon Motif, a new monster set motif (Domihaus, Falkreath Hold), a return of the Psijic Vault Crates, special Vampire altering furnishings, and hints to a Summerset Celebration this month!

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The Summerset Celebration begins Thursday, July 23 at 10:00AM EDT and continues until Tuesday, August 4, at 10:00AM EDT. During the event period, you can earn bonus rewards and a new event-specific outfit style, simply by exploring and adventuring in Summerset and Artaeum!
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There was a special ESO Live stream today announcing The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn and Update 27 would be coming soon for PC/Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and Stadia.

Here is a short mobile-friendly summary of the ESO Stonethorn / Update 27 announcement.


ESOTU Gamescom Updates – Big Changes Coming!

New content coming to ESOTU!There has been some exciting news coming out of gamescon that is being posted on the web. A great post linking some of the big news appeared on reddit yesterday.

Here is a summary

  • Dueling
  • Pledges will split off DLC pledges to a third NPC quest giver and all will reward the top tier reward formerly the gold key but looks like each vendor will have it’s own key.
  • Veteran Pledges will reward 2 keys
  • 17 New Vet Dungeons , alll have own monster sets, and monster set item will drop every time
  • 30 new sets
  • Each patch will increase CP count by 30
  • New Weapon Morphs with two morphs
  • All DLC pack will be in the Crown Store. It will be about 5500 crowns and it contains the 4 DLCs except Shadows of the Hist.
  • Update 13 aka Housing you’ll have training dummies in your yard
  • Complete Craglorn rework. It can now be done solo or with a group of up to four people: Main story line will be solo-able.
  • Crown store random boxes that can drop previously limited mounts and other stuff.
  • Old AA and Hel Ra sets are coming back
  • Two upcoming holiday events in October and New Years
  • New content to appear on PTS in 2 – 3 weeks
  • Target launch October