ESO PTS October Patch Notes Not-So Secret Secrets Revealed

In this article, I look at the October 2020 PC|Mac| PTS (Public Test Servers) patch notes and highlight some of the changes and events coming to the Elder Scrolls Online soon™.

These notes indicate the Elder Scrolls Online™ is going to have a busy event schedule between late December and late February, and confirm that the Indrik pets will be retired with the end of the New Life Festival.

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ESO Free Pelinal Box without going to Cyrodiil

ESO Midyear Mayhem Returns (At Midyear!)

Today’s June Crown Store Showcase included multiple references to midyear mayhem. This confirms that Midyear Mayhem returns this month.

I did a quick check of my ESO calendar and this might be the first time Midyear Mayhem occurs during the actual Midyear month (Jul 2017, Jul/Aug 2018, Jan 2019, Jan 2020)

The official word: Stay tuned™.