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ESOTU [PC] Patch Notes 3.2.5 – Crafting Summary

The following is a summary of the crafting and housing related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.  Clockwork City Update!


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v3.2.5 and the Clockwork City where you can enter Sotha Sil’s legendary creation and explore his mysterious mechanical world. In addition to new quests to enjoy, you’ll also come across two new world bosses and two delves, plus a new 12-player Trial: Asylum Sanctorium. We’ve also added 12 new item sets, two new Motifs, over 200 new furnishings, and a host of fun, new collectibles.

For players that own The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, we’ve added a new Battleground game mode – Crazy King – where your team must seize a capture point location that jumps randomly around the map. It’s, well, crazy!

The base game update introduces the highly-anticipated Transmutation system which allows you to change the traits on your gear, including weapons and armors. We’ve also added a trait tracker that will allow you to see whether or not you’ve researched the unique trait on an item. Additionally, we’ve also made a number of performance optimizations resulting in better frame rate and shorter loading times.

We can’t wait for you to discover this mysterious, new zone. This update in its entirety is approximately 3.6GB in size.


  • To visit the Clockwork City, you can acquire the quest to take you there by accepting it from the Collectibles/Stories interface, or by visiting the Mages Guild in Mournhold.
  • Transmutation allows you to permanently change the trait of an item to one of your choosing! 
  • Trait Tracker
  • Performance Updates
  • Crafting Writ Turn-In Site Universalization
  • New Target Dummy: The Precursor
  • Champion Point Increase
  • Master Writs will now call for more diverse crafting styles, such as Abah’s Watch, Hollowjack, or Redoran.
  • Dungeon Finder Level Restrictions
    • Normal Difficulty dungeons to Level 45 for some dungeons
    • Veteran Difficulty dungeons to CP160  for some dungeons
  • Increased the rewards for opening a Master Chest when you have the Treasure Hunter passive.
  • Every weekend, Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden will now sell four sets of jewelry instead of two.
  • Two jewelry sets each weekend will be from the Overland sets, and two will be Dungeon sets.
  • Repeatable Bounties: The Clockwork Facilitator and Novice Holli, both residing in the eastern portion of the Brass Fortress, each offer daily bounties to investigate and overcome dangers at these locations.
  • Asylum Sanctorium is a 12-player Trial located within the Brass Fortress in Clockwork City.
    • the Asylum and Perfect Asylum weapons alter and improve the effect of one of your weapon skill line’s abilities.
  • Unique Achievement rewards are available for completing this Trial, including:
    • Unique skin
    • Several Titles
    • Unique housing items
  • New Collectibles
    • Scintillant Dovah-Fly: non-combat pet
    • Begone!: Emote
    • Umbral Projector: Memento
    • Revolving Celestiodrome: unique Furnishing
    • Trophy, Saint Olms the Just
    • Bust, Saint Olms the Just
    • Sanctified Silver: Skin
    • Clockwork Curator: Polymorph
  • 12 new Item Sets available
  • Two motifs have been added to Clockwork City: The Apostle, The Ebonshadow
  • Over 200 new furnishings have been added to the game through various sources, many of which can be purchased through the Housing Editor or crafted.
  • Clockwork City comes with over 40 new achievements to pursue, with 6 new titles to unlock!
  • Two motifs have been added to the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack: The Dreadhorn,  The Bloodforge
  • The Orbservatory Prior home is available to preview and purchase.
  • Master difficulty chests and treasure map chests now have a greater chance of giving Buoyant Armiger motifs if you have the Treasure Hunter passive.
  • Remains-Silent will no longer silently provide you with only a furnishing when she elects to give you one. You will now receive the furnishing alongside your normal materials for that choice.
  • Fixed several painful clipping issues
  • Merchants all over the world now sell Empty Soul Gems.
  • Fixed a number of infrequent game crashes.
  • A new option for AvA Announcements has been added to the Social settings.
  • You can now Filter your furnishings by theme

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ESOTU [PC] Patch Notes 3.1.8 – Crafting Summary

The following is a summary of the crafting and housing related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.


The Elder Scrolls Online v3.1.8 is an incremental patch that fixes several quest and UI-related issues, in addition to some gameplay bugs involving Lacerate, Befoul, and unlocking the Alliance War skill line. The size of this patch is approximately 123MB.


  • Fixed an issue where Master Writs were not displaying the required crafting style in the German, French, and Japanese game clients.

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[PTS] ESOTU [PC] Patch Notes 3.1 – Crafting Summary

The following is a summary of the crafting and housing related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

NOTE: Currently, on the Public Test Server (PTS). Information here is from the patch notes published on their forums.


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v3.1.0 and the Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack!

This update comes in two parts–the DLC Game Pack and the base game patch. The base game patch will be available to everyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online and the DLC Game Pack will automatically download with it, allowing you instant access to the new content when you purchase it or activate an ESO Plus membership.

Anyone who owns ESO and has an active ESO Plus membership will also automatically have access to the Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack. If your ESO Plus membership ends or lapses, you will no longer have access to the DLC Game Pack content and areas, but you will still have any items you earned while you had access.

In this update, you’ll be able to explore and conquer two all-new 4 player dungeons – Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. These dungeons offer new item sets, Monster Masks, achievements and unique rewards!

We’ve also added a new Battlegrounds map – Arcane University – and a new game mode for Battlegrounds: Chaosball. Both of these are available to anyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. You’ll also find that we’ve added several new Medals to support Chaosball.

The base game patch features a number of new features including updates to the Master Writ Merchant, new housing furnishings, and numerous quality of life improvements. These include customizable combat cues, new guild features, research cancelling, bankable Writ Vouchers and Alliance Points, and more. And as always, we’ve made several fixes and improvements to existing content as well.

You’ll also note that we’ve added a new, separate Combat & Gameplay section to the patch notes so it’s clear which changes were done in an effort to improve balance, and which changes are bug fixes or minor improvements. We welcome any feedback you have about the structure of the patch notes.

We hope you enjoy this new update, which is approximately 2.3GB in size, and look forward to reading your feedback. Remember, there’s no NDA for this testing cycle so you’re welcome to discuss, stream, or post screenshots as much as you’d like. Enjoy!


  •  two new four-player dungeons, available as part of the Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack
  • You can acquire unique item sets, including two new Undaunted Monster Mask sets, only available within these dungeons.
  •  8 new Item Sets available from the two new dungeons: Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. Each dungeon has 1 Light Armor, 1 Medium Armor, 1 Heavy Armor, and 1 Monster Mask Item Set to acquire.
  • Guild Invites and Guild Invite Acceptances in the Guild History now include the account name of who extended the invitation
  • Added a guild rank permission for “View Guild Bank Gold” which controls a guild rank’s ability to see the amount of gold stored in the Guild Bank. This is enabled automatically when “Withdraw Guild Bank Gold” is selected.
  • Added a setting – Combat Cues – in the Gameplay menu that will allow you to control the color and brightness of Friendly and Hostile combat cues. Enjoy!
  • 3 New Motifs: Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni
  • You can now cancel an active research if you want to start researching something else instead.
  • Items can now be locked or unlocked from the improvement screen. Locked items can also be improved, but only if the chance is 100%.
  • Equipped items can now be improved.
  • Furniture listed in Guild Stores can now be previewed.
  • You can now deposit Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers into your account bank where they may be withdrawn by any of your characters.
  • Updates for Rolis Hlaalu, the Master Writ Merchant
  • New Furnishings
  • Champion Point Increase
  • Unified the behavior of crafting Writ delivery sites in Vivec City. These sites are now consistently used for rank one Writs instead of a mix of rank one and maximum rank Writs.
  • The Tel Var Jewelry Lockbox Merchants now sell rings and necklaces directly with no intervening box.
  • Orsinium Delve daily quests can now be shared. However, you can still only have one Delve daily in your journal at a time.
  • Mundus and Item Trait changes
  • Adjusted Alchemy Writs so they require Nirnroot less often.

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ESOTU Alchemy Poisons with Three Ingredients

Alchemy plant
Unlock the power of plants and mushrooms.

It is fun to learn by Alchemy by trial and error and hope whatever ever does not kills you makes you smarter. However, an Alchemical Poison  Recipe book does reassure an aging mind of success and less of death.

Tip: Doing master writs? Start with the name of the poison and scroll down until you find the other traits.

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[PTS] ESOTU [PC] Patch Notes 3.0.1 – Crafting Summary

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting and housing related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

NOTE: Currently, on the Public Test Server (PTS). Information here is from the patch notes published on their forums.


The Elder Scrolls Online v3.0.1 is the first incremental patch on the PTS. In this patch, we’ve enabled the remaining two game types in Battlegrounds: Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. In addition, we’ve also activated some Medals that you can receive by participating in Battlegrounds. This is a work in progress, and not all Medals have been added yet.

We’ve made several fixes to content found in the Morrowind Chapter, including things surrounding Vvardenfell quests, Battlegrounds, new furnishings, and Halls of Fabrication. We’ve also made several fixes and tweaks to the Warden class.

In the base game, you’ll find that we’ve focused mainly on bug fixes for this patch, though there are a few tweaks to class abilities. We do have some further tweaks and adjustments planned for future PTS patches, and we’ll also continue to monitor all your feedback.

The size of this incremental patch is approximately 430MB.


  • New Sets: 3 Overland, 3 Crafted, 5 Battleground, 4 Trial Sets
  • Added a new category in the Housing Editor called “Services”.
    • This category includes Assistants, Mundus Stones, Target Skeletons, and Crafting Stations.
  • Additionally, instead of having separate sub-categories for Crafting Stations, these items are all combined into one sub-category for all Crafting Stations.
  • Harvestable objects in the Jerall Mountains and Blackwood Borderlands now respawn more slowly, given their location.
  • Added Research Scrolls to the Master Writ merchant. These scrolls will reduce each active research time of a given tradeskill by 24 hours and have a 20 hour cooldown.
  • Starfish & Seashells furnishings are now in the Aquatic category in the Housing Editor.

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