ESO ICYMI: DLC Announcment / Special ESOLive

Wow,there has been a lot of Elder Scrolls Online news this week. Here is a mobile-friendly recap of what you need to know and links to timestamps of when items are being discussed.

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ESO: The Markarth Prologue added to Crown Store

The Markarth Prologue questline was officially turned on today for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget tomorrow is the big announcement of the final DLC of this season. If you have linked your ESO account to your twitch account, you can get a purple Torchbug pet just for viewing the stream.

Get a Purple Torchbug Pet and Learn about the Next DLC: Markarth

Zenimax Online Studio posted a teaser article on the official website that announced the name of the next DLC (Markarth) and hinted at an exciting end-of-year promotion. I suspect the event will be the “Lost Treasures of Skyrim” that appeared on the PTS (Public Test Server) earlier this year. Also, all of the upcoming in-games will be outlined.

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