ESOTU Delve: Shael Ruins

No one is sure nowadays which of the Daedric Princes were worshiped by the Ayleid clan who built the haunted corridors of Shael, but it was certainly one of the more malefic of the Lords of Oblivion.

The Shael Ruins are found in southern Malabal Tor near the Abamath Wayshrine and the road south to Greenshade.

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ESOTU Public Dungeon: Crimson Cove

The Pirates of the Abecean Sea are the most notorious buccaneers in all of Tamriel. A loose confederation of crews with elected captains, most consider Stros M’Kai their home port, though they’re liable to be found anywhere from Senchal to the Iliac Bay. 

The Crimson Cove  is located on north coast of Malabal Tor, a short distance east of Fuller’s Break.

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ESOTU Treasure Map Compendium

This compendium provides the rumoured locations of the infamous bandits and pirates of Tamriel.


The following maps were created using locations provided by Lost Treasure 4.17.

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