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ESOTU Official Homestead Announcement

UpdateToday, Zenimax made an official housing announcement regarding  update 13 also known as Homestead.


  • Included free with next major game update, introduces player housing system
  • Includes furniture crafting and robust home decoration options.
    • Place items wherever you like with the game’s new Housing Editor. Some homes have outdoor spaces
    • Decorative items can be crafted using the existing trades, bought with via gold or Crowns.
    • Special monster-themed busts can be collected from Veteran Arenas, Dungeons, and Trials.
    • Achievement Furnishers stock special items related to completed achievements.
    • Luxury Furnisher sells exquisite and expensive rotating premium goods for a very limited time.
    • Have the option of placing pets, mounts, Assistants, Crafting Stations, and even Target Skeletons.
    • Finding a complete set of Shalidor’s Library tomes unlock books that can be bought from Mages Guild
  • Nearly 40 unique homes styled after the 10 playable races, and are furnished or unfurnished.
    • Zone specific achievements will unlock the ability to buy the associated home in that zone.
    • Imperial-style homes require the Imperial Edition of ESO or Digital Imperial Edition Upgrade.
    • Fully furnished versions can be purchased from the Crown Store.
    • Later, there will also be special properties that are exclusive to the Crown Store, including a luxurious island retreat.
  • The Homestead tutorial quest reward is your first home: a modest room at a local inn.
  • Can own multiple homes and homes are account-based: every one of your characters will have access
  • All unfurnished homes can be purchased for in-game gold or with crowns.
  • Players can visit your home via the group, friends, or guild lists using new option “Visit House”

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ESOTU Firor Interview: Crafting and Spellcrafting

There was a post on Reddit to an exclusive interview with Matt Firor today. In the interview, they talk about community, roleplaying, pvp, housing, crafting and more.

Do you have any changes coming to crafting?

No, our crafting system is really good, so we’re happy with it.

Okay. I guess the same thing could be said about spell crafting [Is it still on the roadmap?]?

Same thing. With spell crafting we actually got in enough to start seeing how it worked, we didn’t like the design so much and it was going to be more work than we thought to get it to launch so we kind of put it aside to do Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, One Tamriel, housing etc.

Check out the interview here

ESOTU Gamescom Updates – Big Changes Coming!

New content coming to ESOTU!There has been some exciting news coming out of gamescon that is being posted on the web. A great post linking some of the big news appeared on reddit yesterday.

Here is a summary

  • Dueling
  • Pledges will split off DLC pledges to a third NPC quest giver and all will reward the top tier reward formerly the gold key but looks like each vendor will have it’s own key.
  • Veteran Pledges will reward 2 keys
  • 17 New Vet Dungeons , alll have own monster sets, and monster set item will drop every time
  • 30 new sets
  • Each patch will increase CP count by 30
  • New Weapon Morphs with two morphs
  • All DLC pack will be in the Crown Store. It will be about 5500 crowns and it contains the 4 DLCs except Shadows of the Hist.
  • Update 13 aka Housing you’ll have training dummies in your yard
  • Complete Craglorn rework. It can now be done solo or with a group of up to four people: Main story line will be solo-able.
  • Crown store random boxes that can drop previously limited mounts and other stuff.
  • Old AA and Hel Ra sets are coming back
  • Two upcoming holiday events in October and New Years
  • New content to appear on PTS in 2 – 3 weeks
  • Target launch October


ESOTU Housing, Quarter 3?

Update: In a recent interview with IGN, ZOS mentions that housing is to be released in the first quarter of 2017.

Ath4RNEDCDG recent data mining effort seems to add some substance to the speculation that housing will be added to Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited in the third quarter of 2016.

“Three Player Houses in Vvardenfell

Another obvious indicator as to why a major update or two will come before Vvardenfell is the existence of three specific player housing options within Vvardenfell. This in and of itself is an exciting discovery as it means there will most likely be multiple housing opportunities per zone!”

Check out the full article at Tamriel Foundry.