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ESO Heavy Sacks are Heavier

I am not the only one to notice that something has changed to the contents of heavy sacks.   I was off exploring the delves of Rivenspire and noticed that the heavy sacks contained more stuff.  On one occasion I looted 5 Rekuta (purple runes) from one sack.  It was clear with that result that the winds of change have passed through Tamriel.

ESO Glass Armor

So the rumors are true. Two new styles have been rediscovered: One of them is a way to make armor out of glass! Over a few pints at the tavern and an undisclosed amount of coins in small denominations in an unmarked pouch, a master crafter shared his knowledge of the new glass motif.

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ESO Enchanting Deconstruction Bug?

Bug bites another player.Since a recent patch, I started to have the worst luck deconstructing glyphs. I checked the forums and I wasn’t the only one who has noticed. I tried a Nestor’s suggestion of restarting the enchanting session (exit table and reuse) when I don’t get anything. I’ve had much more success since.