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ESOTU Thieves’ Guild DLC PTS Notes

The following are #ESOTU crafting related notes for PTS patches V2.3.0, V2.3.1, and V2.3.2.


New content coming to ESOTU!

There are some interesting changes coming soon. Here are some of the noteworthy items

  • Vendors will sell recipes used in Provisioning Writs based on your crafting passives
  • Provisioning Writs will no longer reward provisioning writ recipes
  • Reduced the drop rate of Mercenary Motif chapters
  • New crafted sets (Outlaw, Trinimac, Malacath, Alliance, Soul-Shriven, 3 more in Abah’s Landing)
  • Crown Mimic Stone is a new type of style item that can be used to make equipment in any crafting motif the crafter has learned that is purchased from Crown Store
  • Malachite, Laurel and Goldscale style items to be fully tradeable, akin to all other style items.
  • Purchase of any high-end motif will include complementary Crown Mimic Stones

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ESOTU Patch Notes v2.2.11 – Crafting Summary

UpdateThe following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch.

Exploration & Itemization

  • Fixed an issue where a previous fix had resulted in a sudden spawning frenzy in all of Wrothgar’s waters, leading to some of you being able to catch multiple fish per cast. The season has turned and fish are now back to normal.

ESOTU Spoiler: Wrothgar Cliff Jumper

So she looks at me and says, “You ever done any cliff-jumping? This is the best spot in all of Wrothgar.” I look down the 50 metre drop and say, “Ladies first.” #ESOTU

Wrothgar Cliff Jumping
Cliff jumping anyone?


This journal entry explains where to obtain the Wrothgar Cliff Jumping Achievement in the Orsinium DLC.

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ESOTU Fishing Glitch?

Fisherman holds fish

There appears to be a double fish “glitch” in #ESOTU.  I was fishing in Wrothgar gathering some information for my fish list the other day. I noticed I was getting more fish than usual. At the time, I thought it might have been because I recently added more champion points to the plentiful harvest line but noticed I got less fish later (but it was in another zone).  Others have also noticed that the double fish “glitch” as well and were talking about it at length in the Wrothgar zone chat (NA Server).