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ESOTU Alliance Point Vendor Items – 2016/04/22

Adhazabi Aba-daro, The Golden
Adhazabi Aba-daro, The Golden

The Alliance Point Vendor (AKA The Golden) is a special vendor that only appears on the weekend to sell rare monster sets usually found in the various group dungeons.

This weeks vendor items on sale between 00:00 UTC/GMT on Friday and 12:00 UTC/GMT on Mondays for 99,9905g or 200,000AP are the following

  • Maw of the Infernal Shoulders – Infused
  • Sash of Transmutation – Divines
  • Girdle of Fasalla’s Guile -Divines

Vendor was introduced in Patch 2.3.5.

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ESOTU Thieves’ Guild: Do you know about the daily quests?

tip-board“Idle hands are the Daedra’s playground…” — Anonymous

Bored, light on coin, light of step, and quick of hand? Well, the Thieves’ Guild has work for those looking for something to do. There are two types of daily quests: Tip Board and the Reacquisition Board.

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ESOTU Dark Brotherhood Details Released

New content coming to ESOTU!Some exciting information released yesterday on the ESO website regarding the next ESOTU DLC: The Dark Brotherhood.  Highlights include: Poison-making, Crafting Bags, Additional Character Slots, Motif previews, and improvements to item traits.

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