ESOTU Gamescom Updates – Big Changes Coming!

New content coming to ESOTU!There has been some exciting news coming out of gamescon that is being posted on the web. A great post linking some of the big news appeared on reddit yesterday.

Here is a summary

  • Dueling
  • Pledges will split off DLC pledges to a third NPC quest giver and all will reward the top tier reward formerly the gold key but looks like each vendor will have it’s own key.
  • Veteran Pledges will reward 2 keys
  • 17 New Vet Dungeons , alll have own monster sets, and monster set item will drop every time
  • 30 new sets
  • Each patch will increase CP count by 30
  • New Weapon Morphs with two morphs
  • All DLC pack will be in the Crown Store. It will be about 5500 crowns and it contains the 4 DLCs except Shadows of the Hist.
  • Update 13 aka Housing you’ll have training dummies in your yard
  • Complete Craglorn rework. It can now be done solo or with a group of up to four people: Main story line will be solo-able.
  • Crown store random boxes that can drop previously limited mounts and other stuff.
  • Old AA and Hel Ra sets are coming back
  • Two upcoming holiday events in October and New Years
  • New content to appear on PTS in 2 – 3 weeks
  • Target launch October


ESOTU Crafting Statistics – SotH

Save your moneyHelediron posted an excellent analysis of his crafting statistics on the official forums. If you like numbers, there are a lot of good ones.

After SotH patch I followed writ logistics for 11 days with 12 writ crafters. The characters did nothing else than making writs and collecting survey maps and farming resources between survey maps. These numbers DO include some farming that belong naturally to survey map collecting.

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ESOTU Maintenance + Trader Deadline = Trade Guild Killer?

angry-mobOver the past few weeks, there has been growing frustration with a change implemented by Zenimax Online Studios that changed the maintenance time to be mere minutes after the Guild Trader “Flip” time.  Play2WinTV recently featured the issue on their podcast number 56.

Each week those interested in hiring a guild trader, submit bids to the guild trader of their choice. These bids are an all-or-nothing affair. Some guilds will bid millions of gold each week to secure a favourable trader in a popular trading hub in Tamriel. To raise their trader bids a lot of effort is done by trade guilds to raise these funds each week. Some of taken to waking in the middle of the night to place their bids before the cutoff to fend off corperate spying attempts.

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