ESOTU Public Dungeon: The Village of the Lost

The blue fluid found everywhere in Coldharbour is called Azure Plasma, and is unformed “chaotic creatia,” the stuff from which all Oblivion matter is formed. When a Daedra is “killed,” its morphotype, or vestige, gradually forms a new body by accretion of Azure Plasma.

The Village of the Lost  is located on northeast region of Coldharbour. The nearest wayshrine is Everfull Flagon. A word of warning. The frequent one-way drops and one-way portals can quickly disorientate players to likely for lost in the dungeon’s title.   I’ve included a map showing the portals.

Given the fast spawn rate of a public dungeon, this is an excellent place to farm alchemical oils for poisons. Since the dungeon is full of daedra, daedra hearts drop often. The village also hides 4 foul fishing holes.


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ESOTU Delve: The Grotto of Depravity

The current theme for our never-ending party is Dance of Death. Make sure the minstrels continue to sing and dance without pause…on pain of death.

The Grotto of Depravity is located a short distance southwest of the Hollow City in Coldharbour.

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ESO Treasure Map Compendium

This compendium provides the rumoured cache locations of the infamous bandits and pirates of Tamriel.

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