ESO Spoiler: The Precursor (Target Dummy)

I’ve never seen such a farce. What has happened to the state in intellectual curiosity in Clockwock City? I’m simply beside myself.

Note: The purchase of the Clockwork City DLC is required to complete this quest.

This quest begins in the Brass Fortress by reading a note on the bulletin board just outside the Clockwork Basilica.

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ESO Clockwork City: Do you know about the daily and weekly quests?

In the world of Tamriel, its very existence is a closely guarded secret. The entrance to this covert city lies hidden in a secret underground vault, and its location is known to only a select few beyond Sotha Sil’s inner circle.

Once you have access to the Clockwork City of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Divayth Fyr will offer you a quest in Mournhold or at the Clockwork City Wayshrine.

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ESOTU Spoiler: Brass Fortress Skybridge Skyshard

A bit frustrated trying to find Skyshard (4), On the lip of the Skybridge?

There are two elevators up to the Skybridge. The easiest and closest is one in the south part of the Rector District (Western Area) of the Brass Fortress.   Please be advised that the path to the elevator is guarded by Factotums.

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ESOTU Delve: Halls of Regulation

The Halls of Regulation have begun to break down, threatening the water supply throughout the Clockwork City, I’ve agreed to help Tilelle the Mender make repairs by protecting her as we gather parts and fix machinery.

Located on an island in southeastern region of Clockwork City, this delve is moderate distance east from the Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine. The Mire Mechanica Wayshrine is closer and is northwest of the delve. Generally, this delve is not a favourable location to farm crafting materials.  However, I did pickup a handful of furniture recipes.

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ESOTU Forums: All Known Future Content

Say What?
Overheard in Tamriel

There is an interesting post on the official forms that lists out notes from various official sources  and datamined information regarding future content. Includes some spoiler images.

Some of the items mentioned are new zones, new classes, mount racing, spellcrafting,  jewelcrafting, restyling, trials, and more.

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