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[PTS] ESOTU [PC] Patch Notes 3.1.3 – Crafting Summary

The following is a summary of the crafting and housing related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

NOTE: Currently, on the Public Test Server (PTS). Information here is from the patch notes published on their forums.


The Elder Scrolls Online v3.1.3 incorporates some more balance changes to the game, in addition to a handful of bug fixes affecting dungeons, housing, quests, and UI. We’ve also fixed the issue where you weren’t able to preview and purchase homes, and therefore, have added three new homes to be tested. The size of this patch is approximately 240MB.


  • Three new homes are now available to be previewed and purchased
  • Added a small chance to recover the blueprint for an hourglass furnishing from priests particularly obsessed with time.
  • Fixed an issue where Gradual Health Drain Poisons would report an unusual duration difference between the two-reagent version and the three-reagent version.
  • Fixed an issue where Pliant Ferrofungus, the Telvanni raw style item, incorrectly named the refined style item it refines into. Pliant Ferrofungus refines into Wrought Ferrofungus.
  • Fixed a rare issue which could cause you to receive the exact same Writ quest multiple times in a row.
  • The furnishing item “Mammoth Cheese, Mastercrafted” no longer emits steam from strange places. Or any place.
  • Adjusted the lighting effects on a number of furnishings to illuminate more consistently with the day/night cycle.
  • Added and updated icons on a number of new furnishings and crafting materials.
  • Two more Eidetic Memory items are now available after quests completed.

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