ESOTU PSA: New Username Change Option Now Available

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Players of Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited now have the ability to change their account name in the account management settings.

Warning: Add-ons store information based on your @username and will break when the name changes. You will have to update the LUA files in your SavedVariables folder manually or using an automation tool.

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ESOTU Making a New Character?

Do MoreInspired by the Witches’ Festival event and the double experience that came with it, this guide helps new players and veteran get their newest character ready for Tamriel. I was grinding experience points with a guildie on his newborn character killing zombies when after 10 levels he realized he forgot to join the fighters’ guild and lost all of the Fighters’ Guild faction rank increases that would have come with killing all of the zombies. I hope you find it useful.

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ESOTU Hireling Statistics?

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Overheard in Tamriel

This week in the official (crafting) forums, there was a post by Reorx Holybeard who had gathered hireling statistics over 155 days.

While the math isn’t perfect, I was interested on the method used. I’ve been thinking about doing some hireling analysis myself and having this information reduces the need to completely “re-invent the wheel”.

Reorx used UESP log add-on and then parsed the data using the scripting language python.  Interesting.

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ESOTU Survey Map Issues?

Bug bites another player.There are a few issues being reported at the moment relating  Crafting Survey Nodes .

  1. [PC] Missing Survey Nodes
    An addon (Lost Treasure Maps) issue. Updating the Addon will fix this issue.
  2. [PC] Missing Leather Nodes (Furrier Traps)
    It has been reported that other players can see your nodes and loot them.
  3. [XBOne / PS4] Missing Nodes
    This issue appears to be a reappearance of the banker assistant exploit hotifix. I have no other information on this issue.

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