ESOTU Thieves’ Guild DLC PTS Notes

The following are #ESOTU crafting related notes for PTS patches V2.3.0, V2.3.1, and V2.3.2.


New content coming to ESOTU!

There are some interesting changes coming soon. Here are some of the noteworthy items

  • Vendors will sell recipes used in Provisioning Writs based on your crafting passives
  • Provisioning Writs will no longer reward provisioning writ recipes
  • Reduced the drop rate of Mercenary Motif chapters
  • New crafted sets (Outlaw, Trinimac, Malacath, Alliance, Soul-Shriven, 3 more in Abah’s Landing)
  • Crown Mimic Stone is a new type of style item that can be used to make equipment in any crafting motif the crafter has learned that is purchased from Crown Store
  • Malachite, Laurel and Goldscale style items to be fully tradeable, akin to all other style items.
  • Purchase of any high-end motif will include complementary Crown Mimic Stones

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