ESOTU Maintenance + Trader Deadline = Trade Guild Killer?

angry-mobOver the past few weeks, there has been growing frustration with a change implemented by Zenimax Online Studios that changed the maintenance time to be mere minutes after the Guild Trader “Flip” time.  Play2WinTV recently featured the issue on their podcast number 56.

Each week those interested in hiring a guild trader, submit bids to the guild trader of their choice. These bids are an all-or-nothing affair. Some guilds will bid millions of gold each week to secure a favourable trader in a popular trading hub in Tamriel. To raise their trader bids a lot of effort is done by trade guilds to raise these funds each week. Some of taken to waking in the middle of the night to place their bids before the cutoff to fend off corperate spying attempts.

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ESOTU Patch Notes 2.5.7 – Crafting Summary

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

The Elder Scrolls Online v2.5.7 is a small incremental patch that fixes a few issues including not being able to group properly, crafted poisons not working with some abilities and sets, Knight Commander Panthius not appearing in the Kvatch Arena, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 118MB.

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ESOTU Do You Gamble with Improvements?

NightWolf_2112 on the official forums asks the question:

Say What?
Overheard in Tamriel

I am just curious to see how many crafters out there really live on the edge or are you not that adventurous and will be sure (100%) they will succeed!

I am not very risk adverse and most of the time use the maximum number of improvement items to guarantee a 100% success rate. The times I don’t are those late night crafting sessions triggered by a request just as I am about to logoff.

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