TheoryCRAFTING: Do Dailies Repeat?

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Have you ever wondered if all the daily quests are random or if they repeat in the same sequence?  I have.  We have observed that in at least one situation where quests repeat in game: the Undaunted Pledges. What about the others?

Repeat or do not repeat. That is the question.  Based on my experiences chasing down achievements, I believe that they do. Once while running dailies in Wrothgar for several days with a group that was doing them at reset time, the leader mentioned that these dailies did repeat in the same order.



Over twenty days, I recorded the dailies offered to my main character in the following dailies

  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Mages’ Guild
  • Undaunted Guild
  • Clockwork City
  • Gold Coast
  • Hew’s Bane
  • Vvardenfell
  • Wrothgar

When the twenty days were over, I collected dailies on my main character and another characters to compare results.



Early on while the recording the data, it was clear that patterns were emerging.  The quests were repeating in a set order.

The most interesting results were in Wrothgar.  I had noticed the delve daily quest giver gave one quest two days in a row, but consistently in the same pattern.  Upon further analysis, I discovered that I had not unlocked one of the Wrothgar delves.  After completing that delve, this delve replaced on of the duplicate seen previously.

When comparing the quests offered to different characters, I had observed that the quests repeated in the same order but not the on the same day.



Below are the result for each of the dailies recorded.

Capital Cities

Fighters’ Guild

Grahtwood > Malabal Tor > Greenshade > Reaper’s March > Glenumbra > Stormhaven > Rivenspire > Alik’r > Bangkorai > Stonefalls > Deshaan > Shadowfen > Eastmarch > The Rift > Auridon > Repeat

Mages’ Guild

Shadowfen > Stonefalls > Stormhaven > The Rift > Alik’r > Auridon > Bankorai > Deshaan > Eastmarch > Glenumbra > Grahtwood > Greenshade > Malabal Tor > Reaper’s March > Rivenspire > Repeat

Undaunted Guild

Shadowfen > Greenshade > The Rift > Stormhaven > Bangkorai > Grahwood > Malabal Tor > Glenumbra > Deshaan > Stonefalls > Alik’r, Auridon, Eastmarch, Reaper’s March > Rivenspire > Repeat


Clockwork City

Blackfeather Court

A Matter of Respect > Glitter and Gleam > A Matter of Tributes >   Morsels and Pecks > A Matter of Leisure >   Nibbles and Bits (Elemental Essences, Supple Root, Ectoplasm)> Nibbles and Bits (Carapaces, Foul Hides, Daedra Hearts)> Repeat


A Shadow Malfunction > Oiling the Fans > Changing the Filters > Replacing the Commutators > A Shadow Misplaced > Again into the Shadows > Repeat


Loose Strands > Sticky > Enchanted Accumulation > A Bitter Pill > Fuel for Fire > A Daily Grind > Repeat

World Bosses

Inciting the Imperfect > A Fine-Feathered Foe > Repeat


Gold Coast


The Common Good > Buried Evil > Repeat

World Bosses

Looming Shadows > Roar of the Crowd > Repeat


Trader’s Cove > Smuggler’s Den > Sewer > Repeat


Hew’s Bane


Underground Sepulcher > The Hideaway > Secluded Sewers > Glittering Grotto > Deathhallows > Repeat

World Bosses

Memories of Youth > Thrall Cove > The Sailor’s Pipe > The Lost Pearls > Repeat




Parts of the Whole > Getting a Bellyfull > Free Spirits > Skin Trade > Skin Trade / Fire In the Hold > Breakfast of the Bizzare > Repeat

World Bosses

Nature’s Bounty > Heresy of Ignorance > Snow and Steam > Reeking of Foul Play > Meat for the Masses > Scholarly Salvage > Repeat




Unsettled Syndicate > Daedric Disruptions > Planting Misinformation > Kwarma Conundrum > Tribal Troubles > Tax Deduction > Repeat


Tarra-Suj > Writhing Sveeth, Mother Jagged-Claw > Ash-Eater > Old Stomper > King Raxor-Tusk > Great Zexxin > Repeat


Assarnatamat > Maelkashishi > Ashum > Ebernanit > Dushariran > Ashalmawia > Yasammidan > Repeat

World Bosses

Culling the Swarm > Oxen Free > A Creeping Hunger > The Anxious Apprentice > Siren’s Song > Salothan’s Curse > Repeat



Below is a summary of the results

  • Dailies did repeat
  • Not the same quest for every character or player on a given day
  • Repeating “placeholder” dailies replaced delves not yet unlocked.


There are a few applications of this knowledge. If you don’t have more than one account to “park” dailies on, you can place the dailies schedules for your character(s) on a digital calendar to see when they will be available next. This can be useful to set reminders or plan future streaming sessions.


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