Spoiler: ESO Mural Mender Achievement

Mural Complete

Iraya and Izanji, two siblings in charge of a museum in Riverhold called the House of Histories, have fallen on hard times after a recent theft.

The Song of Kingdoms

If you are interested in Elder Scrolls lore, then this achievement will offer fascinating insight into the seven shadows of Rajhin.

Obtaining the Quests

You will find Iraya and Izanjii in the House of Histories in Riverhold. Riverhold is near the end of the west road originating in Rimmen.

The initial quest will lead you to the Anequina Fragment.

Once you collect all the fragments and restore the mural, you will be offered the next quest, The Singing Crystal. The hideout is an instanced area and you will be considered to be trespassing. Thieves’ skills will be useful on this quest: sneak, low detection, invisibility potions / cloak, etc.


The quests offer gold and some armor pieces. Once you complete both quests, you will obtain a replica of the Kingdom of Songs Mural.


Collect and restore all fragments of the Rithana-di-Renada, an ancient Khajiiti mural, for the House of Histories.

  • Anequina Fragment
  • Riverhold Fragment
  • Rimmen Fragment
  • Khenarthia Fragment
  • Dune Fragment
  • Verkarth Fragment
  • Meirvale Fragment
  • Pellitine Fragment
  • Alabaster Fragment
  • Senchal Fragment
  • Orcrest Fragment
  • Corinthe Fragment
  • Helkarn Fragment
  • Bruk’ra Fragment
  • Tenmar Fragement
  • Torval Fragment
  • Singing Crystal


Map - Northern Elsweyr shows locations of Mended Mural Fragments
Northern Elsweyr – Mended Mural Locations
Tip: The Senchal Fragment is accessed by the Ashen Scar. Find the path that leads up to the west / counter-clockwise direction.
Abode of Ignominy (Delve) – Riverhold Fragment
Rimmen Necropolis (Public Dungeon) – Rimmen Fragment
The Tangle (Delve) – Bruk’ra
Predator Mesa (Delve) – Verkarth
The Verkarth fragment is located under the ruin in a passage guarded by a troll.


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