[PTS] Alliance Point Vendor Items – 2017/10/20

This week we have a preview of the new changes (see below) planned for the Alliance Point Vendor (AKA The Golden vendor).

This weeks items on the Public Test Server are:

  • Ring of the Viper- Robust 250,000g / 500,000AP
  • Rattlecage Ring – Healthy 250,000g / 500,000AP
  • Ysgramor’s Ring- Arcane 150,000g / 300,000AP
  • Ring of the Vampire’s Cloak- Healthy 150,000g / 300,000AP
  • Stormfist Helm Infused / Impenetrable (Light, Medium, Heavy) 100,000g / 200,000AP
  • Shadowrend’s Helm Infused / Impenetrable (Light, Medium, Heavy)100,000g / 200,000AP
Note: This is the same as the last check made couple of weeks ago on the PTS. It appears to be bugged.

Upcoming changes to Golden Vendor with Clockwork City Every weekend, Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden will sell four sets of jewelry instead of two.

 In a given week, she will sell either all rings or all necklaces. These will only appear in the Trait that the set's jewelry comes in already.

 Overland set items are bind on equip, and Dungeon set items are bind on pickup (matching their bind type when they drop in-game). Pricing will depend on the item's sourcing. 

Jewelry from Overland item sets costs 150,000g or 300,000 AP. Jewelry from Dungeons costs 250,000g or 500,000 AP (the cost of all Jewelry on the vendor at present). Two jewelry sets each weekend will be from the Overland sets, and two will be Dungeon sets. 

The jewelry will remain Gold quality and CP160, and the sourcing of Monster Mask / Shoulders are unchanged from previous iterations. Source