ESO The Impresario: The Event Merchant

Meet The Impersario, the event merchant. She sells items for Event Tickets that are earned by completing event related activities.
The Impresario and Event Tickets are available only during Event.



The Impresario is located at a special booth in Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls, Vulkhel Guard in Auridon, and the main chapter cities: Alinor (Summerset), Rimmen (Elsweyr), Solitude (Greymoor), and Vivec City (Morrowind) .


How it Works

To acquire Event Tickets required to purchase the Special Mount Runebox Fragments , you need to complete designated event activites (see list of events below).   Also, single Event Tickets will be available in the Crown Store on all platforms starting on March 21, 2019. They will be available for purchase during in-game event periods, and will also be giftable to other players from within the Crown Store. The first date range will be March 21 to April 2, during the Jester’s Festival.

10 Tickets are required to purchase a Runebox Fragment.

event merchant indrik feather
Sample Runebox Fragment from Indrik Season

You must take part in multiple in-game events and collect four related runebox items, with a different one available for each specific event.

Note: You can only carry 12 Event Tickets at a time and that they are an account-wide “currency” that can’t be traded, so be sure to pick up those Indrik Feathers before trying to earn more.

Once you’ve summoned the base Nascent Indrik mount, you’ll have a chance to evolve it with the use of unique Berries.

  • Similar to Feathers, Berries are available from The Impresario in exchange for Event Tickets.
    • The Dawnwood Berry of Bloom
Indirik mount lifecycle
Scroll found in chest next to vendor after mount is summoned.

Here’s how you evolve your Nascent Indrik mount:

  1. During certain in-game events (indicated below), collect Event Tickets by participating in that event’s specific activities.
    • Note that we are also planning to add Event Tickets to the Crown Store late Q1
  2. Collect 10 Event Tickets and use them to buy Indrik Berries from the event merchant known as the Impresario, located at a special booth outside Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls, and Vulkhel Guard in Auridon.
  3. Each unique Q1 event will provide you with the opportunity to buy new Indrik Berries from the Impresario:
    • Midyear Mayhem (In January!) – <Seasonal> Berries of Bloom
    • Morrowind Celebration – <Seasonal> Berries of Budding
    • Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood Celebration – <Seasonal> Berries of Growth
    • Jester’s Festival – <Seasonal> Berries of Ripeness
    • Note that the Impresario is only available during each event.
  4. Once you have all four unique Indrik Berries, use any of them to transform your Nascent Indrik mount, replacing it in your Collections UI with a new, evolved one!

Note that all of the above items, when purchased from the Impresario, are bind-on-pickup and non-tradable. The Impresario is located in Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, and Vulkhel Guard.



Mid-Year Mayhem (Encore)

(Early January)

To earn Event Tickets during Midyear Mayhem, complete any of the following PvP daily quests:

  • Battleground quests from Battlemaster Rivyn
  • Scouting, Battle, Warfront, and Conquest Missions
  • Elder Scroll capture and recapture quests
  • Town quests in Vlastarus, Bruma, Cropsford, Cheydinhal, and Chorrol
  • Imperial City daily quests
    • Requires “The Sublime Protector” achievement, earned by completing the Imperial City main questline

You can acquire 39 Event Tickets during this event. More Information

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Morrowind Celebration


During the event, you’ll also earn Event Tickets for the following activities:

You can earn a total of two Event Tickets per day per account, with a possible total of 24 by the event’s end.

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Thieves Guild / Dark Brotherhood Celebration

(Early March)

During the event, you can also obtain one event ticket by completing a Heist Daily quest, and one ticket by completing a Sacrament Daily quest, once per day per account. 24 tickets available.

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Jester’s Festival

(Late March – Early April)

You’ll earn an Event Tickets the first time you complete a Jester’s daily quest each day (3 in total), with a total of 24 tickets available to be earned by the event’s end.

Event Announcement Details – 2020

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ESO Anniversary


Chef Donolon will return, ready to bake a brand-new cake for you. This cake is extra-special, however – not only does it grant the usual +100% EXP bonus, it is sweetroll-flavored and will grant you 2 Event Tickets the first time you eat from it each day while the fifth anniversary event is active!

This year’s event lasts for 5 weeks!

The Shimmering Indrik Pet will be available for purchase from the Impresario during the event for 10 Event Tickets.

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Mid-Year Mayhem

(Late July / Early August)

During this event, you can obtain one Event Ticket after completing a Cyrodiil Board or Town Daily quest, once per day per account.

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Due to performance issues, the 2019 summer event was postponed and replaced by the next event, Thieves Guild / Dark Brotherhood, so players could obtain their tickets for the next indrik mount.


Orsinium Celebration Event

(Early August)

The Orsinium Celebration Event also provides you with an opportunity to earn Event Tickets. During the event, you can earn Event Tickets for the following activities:


Note that you can earn only two tickets per day, meaning how you earn both tickets is up to you! You can earn up to 24 total tickets during this event.

Note: For this event only, a select group of Orc-themed Furnishings (note: not recipes) are available at the Impresario, with prices varying between one or two Event Tickets each. Also, Maelstrom Arena Style pages can be purchased with tickets.

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Imperial City Celebration Event


During Imperial City Celebration, you’ll be able to earn Event Tickets for participating in Imperial City.

Once per day, completing one of the following sources will provide you with 2 Event Tickets:

  • Defeat the final Boss from either of the DLC’s two Dungeons, Imperial City Prison or White-Gold Tower.
  • Slay a patrolling boss monster within Imperial City or its Sewers.
  • Defeat Molag Bal’s Simulacrum within the deepest reaches of the Imperial City Sewers.
Note: For this event only, you will be able to purchase: 
A selection of Imperial and Daedric furnishings (1-3 Tickets apiece) 
The Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet (10 Tickets),The Stonefire Scamp, typically found only rarely by slaying Molag Bal's Simulacrum (10 Tickets),The Soul-Shriven Skin, typically found only rarely by slaying Molag Bal's Simulacrum (10 Tickets)

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Witches Festival

(Mid-October – Early November)

To earn Event Tickets during the Witches Festival, you must acquire Dremora Plunder Skulls. You will receive one Event Ticket alongside the first Dremora Plunder Skull you earn each day (in addition to the other regular rewards).

Note: During the event, the Impresario will stock the following goods Snow Berries of Bloom, All four Indrik Feathers, Glenmoril Weapon Outfit Style pages, Glenmoril Armor Outfit Style pages
Skeleton Marionette memento, Apple Bobbing memento
Witches Festival Writ, Wrapped

Event Announcement Details – 2019
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Clockwork City Celebration Event

Note: Not scheduled to occur in 2019

(Mid-November – Late November)

To earn Event Tickets during the Clockwork City Celebration Event, you must complete the DLC zone’s daily quests. You will receive two Event Tickets from the first daily quest you complete each day (in addition to the other regular rewards). You must own or have access to the Clockwork City DLC game pack in order to participate in this event.

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Undaunted Celebration Event 

(Late November / Early December)

To earn Event Tickets during the Undaunted Celebration Event, you must complete a dungeon (Normal or Veteran). You will receive three Event Tickets from the final boss of the first dungeon you complete in addition to the normal rewards. You don’t have to be in a random dungeon LFG group to earn your Event Tickets!

  • You can earn three Event Tickets the first time you slay any final boss in any dungeon each day.
  • Special “Opal” versions of the classic Monster Weapon, Mask, and Shoulder styles for the following bosses Bloodspawn, Illambris, Engine Guardian, and Troll King

Event Announcement Details – 2020

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Murkmire Celebration

(Estimated: Late February)

The Murkmire Celebration is new this year: you can return to the home of the Argonians.

  • You can earn up to three tickets per day this way—up to 39 tickets total. Don’t forget to loot everything!
  • While the event is active, the Impresario will have the following items in stock:

    • All four Indrik Feathers
    • Spectral Berries of Bloom
    • Spectral Berries of Budding
    • Spectral Berries of Growth
    • Voriplasm Pet fragments
    • Wooden Grave-Stake Memento fragments

Event Announcement Details – 2020

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New Life Festival

(Mid-December – Early January)

The first two times you complete a New Life Festival daily quest, you earn an Event Ticket in addition to your Gift Box for each. You can earn only two Event Ticket this way per day, with the timer resetting at 1:00AM EST each morning (same as the regular dailies reset time).

However, because of the postponement of the Undaunted Celebration in November, we decided to reward Event Tickets for bosses slain throughout the entirety of the New Life Festival. Each day, when you defeat your first boss you receive three Event Tickets in addition to that boss’ regular rewards.

Here’s the bosses that’ll count:

  • World bosses
  • Delve bosses
  • Final dungeon bosses
  • Final trial bosses
  • Final arena bosses
  • Dragon hunt, Dolmen, and Abyssal Geyser bosses

That means each day, you could earn up to five tickets. Don’t forget to loot!

More Info


Special Mounts

Check out Tianlein’s great mount videos on YouTube.


Special Events

  • Dragon Rise (10/3-10/13)—Explore the home of the Khajiit and complete the Northern Elsweyr Pathfinder Achievement to unlock new collectibles for all Elsweyr owners. Check your progress on the Dragon Rise website and find more info in the announcement article.During the Dragon Rise event, all regular monsters in the Northern Elsweyr zone have a rare chance to drop Event Tickets when defeated. However, should you slay a boss monster in the same zone, an Event Ticket drop is guaranteed! Don’t forget to loot everything you defeat. You can earn two Event Tickets this way each day of the event.During the event period, the Impresario will stock the following items:
    • Cadwell style pages
    • Abnur Tharn style pages
    • The Onyx Indrik Pet
    • All four Indrik Feathers
    • All four Onyx Indrik Berries (including the final one, allowing you to summon your Onyx Indrik!)
  • Dawn of the Dragonguard (11/26-12/8)—Fell Dragons to earn bonus loot and earn double rewards from the Wrathstone DLC, Elsweyr Chapter, Scalebreaker DLC, and Dragonhold DLC.



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