ESOTU Thieves’ Guild: Do you know about the daily quests?

“Idle hands are the Daedra’s playground…” — Anonymous

Bored, light on coin, light of step, and quick of hand? Well, the Thieves’ Guild has work for those looking for something to do. There are two types of daily quests: Tip Board and the Reacquisition Board.

Reacquisition Board

map-abahs-landing-reacquisition-board-locationAfter visiting the thieves’ den and talking to Spencer Rye, the reacquisition board will unlock outside the cistern entrance.

The board will offer one of four daily quests which are located near the Hew Bane’s World Bosses. The tasks consist of of two parts

  1. Retrieving a sentimental item found in a sack near the world boss
  2. Retrieving lesser items or rescuing people from the nearby mobs.
  • The Lost Pearls (Ko Estaran)
  • Memories of Youth
  • The Sailor’s Pipe
  • Thrall Cove (Thrall Cove)


  • 332g
  • Thieves’ Guild Rank points


Once you have demonstrated your worth to the guild (completing the Thieves’ Guild quest line up to and including ‘The Long Game’, and achieved rank 5 in the guild skill line), you will receive a brief quest called Master of Heists to unlock the heist board, near the entrance with the fence, will unlock.

Tip: The guard lanterns knock you out of stealth but if the guards are looking the other way, you will not be detected.

When the quest is completed, talk to Fa’ren-dar in the Thieves Den.


  • Satchel of Laundered Goods
  • Unidentified Equipment (if completed within time limit)
  • 302 Gold
  • 10 Thieves’ Guild Rank points
    • +10 (if completed within time limit)

Tip Board

map-thieves-den-tip-board-locationThe board will offer one of five daily quests which are located around Tamriel.  They involve using your “unique” skills to pickpocket citizens, empty strongboxes, etc..  The quests will begin in one zone and will offer two additional zones for greater rewards.

Tip: Refuse the quest to try for another one that you like.
Tip: If you have obtained a collection of Laundered Boxes, The Covetous Countess quests are the fastest to complete and involve going to her and returning back to the den.

When the quest is completed, talk to Kari in the Thieves Den.



As you participate in the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration, you’ll also earn Event Tickets for the following activities:

  • One Event Ticket for the first Sacrament completed each day
    • Sacraments are unlocked by reaching Dark Brotherhood Rank 2 and completing the quest “A Lesson in Silence”
  • One Event Ticket for the first Heist completed each day
    • Heists are unlocked by reaching Thieves Guild Rank 3 and completing the quest “The Long Game”

You can earn a total of two Event Tickets per day per account, with a possible total of 24 by the end.

More info: ESO The Impresario: The Event Merchant


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