ESOTU Spoiler: Vlastarus Adventurer


Complete all quests in Vlastarus


NPC: Nelerien

  • Bear Essentials
    Kill Gaping Maw northeast of Vlastrus to kill it.The Direct Approach
    Kill Shadowed Path Necromancers (3) in Haynote Cave, North of Vlastarus.
  • Death to the Crone
    Kill Barasatii in Nisin Cave.
  • For a Friend
    Kill Captain Juras to the east at Juras Falls.
  • Rock Bone Diplomacy
    Kill Rock Bone Goblins (8) at a camp northeast of Vlastarus.
  • Stolen Banner
    Collect banner. Return to Vlastarus or Burn Banner in campfire.
  • The Direct Approach
    Help weaken a dangerous cult.

NPC: Jurana

  • An Evil Presence
    Investigate Graveyard and Cave to the southwest.
  • Essence of Flame
    Collect Essence of Flame (4) from the ruins at Ceyatatar.
  • Mementos
    Recover Stolen items (3) from Nornalhorst.
  • Silver Scales
    Steal silver scales from poachers.