ESOTU Spoiler: Kari’s Hit List

Do MoreTinythinker started a post on the official forums where to find all of the items on Kari’s Hit List which is introduced in the Thieves’ Guild DLC.

Robert J. “Jairone” Mann has produced an excellent guide that he has shared on google docs that includes screenshots and detailed descriptions.

Tip: They can be completed along with the Thieves' Guild daily quest (Quest Board).

Finding all of the items on this list will reward the player with achievement points which will also increase your rank in the Thieves’ Guild. Complete the achievements by placing the items in the display area of the Thieves’ Den in Abah’s Landing.

Tip: These items are stolen items and if you are captured or killed by a guard, you will lose any of these items in your inventory. Keep some Counterfeit Pardon Edicts on hand for the more trickier items.

Below you will find a summary that will lead you to the general locations (eg. building) but doesn’t take away all of the exploration fun trying locate each of the items within each structure.


  1. A Cutpurse Above (All)
  2. Loot the Landing (Abah’s Landing)
  3. Con the Convenant (Daggerfall Covenant)
  4. Despoil the Dominion (Aldmeri Dominion)
  5. Purloin the Pact (Ebonheart Pact)
  6. Placement of Items

A Cutpurse Above (Achievement 50pt)

Locate all of the items on Kari’s Hit List.


Loot the Landing (Achievement 15pt)

Region Item Location
Abah’s Landing  Prince Hubalajad’s Trash Urn Abah’s Landing Bank


Con the Covenant (Achievement 15pt)

Region Item Location
 Alik’r Desert Divad Hunding’s Dribble Bowl  Sentinal, Sister’s of the Sand Inn north of the bank.
Bangkorai Yokeda Sesnit’s Paperweights Evermore, Anchor’s Point Inn north of the Fighters’ Guild
Glenumbra Raven Direnni’s Inflammable Rug Daggerfall, Castle kitchen
Rivenspire  Princess Rayelle’s Half-Hearted Love Letters Shornhelm, Fighters’ Guild
Stormhaven King Farangel’s Unpublished Ode to Wayrest Wayrest, Mages’ Guild


Region Item Location
Auridon Coronation Decanter of Prince Naemon Skywatch, Palace
Grahtwood Burial Mannequin of Calarthor Camoran Elden Root, Altmer Embassy south of town.

Treethane Niriel’s “Living Plant-Wear” Book Set

Marbruk, Mages’ Guild
Malabal Tor Tuneless Harp of Fiirgarion the Bard. Velyn Harbor, Mages’ Guild*
Reaper’s March Hairball Spitoon of Darloc Brae Rawl’kha, Mages’ Guild

*Note: much easier to steal before the town is liberated.


Purloin the Pact (Achievement 15pt)

Region Item Location
Deshaan King Dumac’s Royal Latrine Cloth Roll Mournhold, lower floor of the bank building.
Eastmarch King Jorunn’s Automatic Cheesewheel Vivisector Windhelm, Mages’ Guild
Shadowfen Shaman Chirah’s Devotion Shovel Stormhold, centre of town by the Hist Tree.
Stonefalls  Akaviri Armistice Banquet Tray Kragenmor, Hissing Guar Inn east side of town.
The Rift  Ysgramor’s Sload-Skin Wine Sack Riften, Fighters’ Guild



To save time trying to find the locations of each of the items in the gallery, the locations are provided below.

  1. Left Display Case
    1. Cheese Viserator
    2. Love Letters
    3. Living Book
    4. Urn (Floor, right of display case)
  2. Left Nightstand
    1. Wine Sack
  3. Rear Panel
    1. Burial Mannequin
  4. Right Nightstand
    1. Harp (Floor, left of nightstand)
    2. Banquet Tray
    3. Latrine Cloth Roll (Floor, right of nightstand)
  5. Weapon Stand
    1. Shovel
  6. Right Display Case
    1. Paperweights
    2. Unpublished Ode
    3. Dribble Bowl
    4. Spittoon

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