ESOTU Spoiler: Jester’s Festival

The ESO Jester’s Festival occurs late March and Early April and it is an event you do not want to miss.  In addition to being fun, there are several event-only items that are highly prized by ESO players. For example, the Dubious Crone Recipe was in high demand by Stamina Characters for it’s stamina resource bonuses and prices on the North American Server in 2017 exceeded 250,000g.

By decree of your most majestic majesties,
From the depths of their magnificent magnanimity,
Today begins a rule of foolishness and frivolities!
Abolished are concerns of toil, tax, and responsibility,
For this silly season of winsome glee!  — Jester’s Festival Invitation Scroll

The Jester's Festival begins on Thursday, March 29 at 10:00AM EDT and will run until Monday, April 2 at 10:00AM EDT. If you want to take part in the silly season, make your way to the pavilions located outside the cities of Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall.

Note: This article has been updated after my first run through the 2019 version. Rewards will be updated after I start opening the event boxes.


  1. Obtain quest
    1. How to Get to Jesters
  2. Double Experience
  3. Quests
    1. A Noble Guest
    2. Springtime Flair
    3. Royal Revelry
  4. Rewards
  5. Event Tickets
  6. Lore
  7. Recipes
  8. Furniture
  9. Achievements

Obtain the Jester’s Festival Quest

  1. Open the crown store and obtain your free Jester’s Festival Invitation Scroll.
  2. Use the scroll to obtain the quest “The Jester’s Festival“.
    Complete one:

    1. Talk to Jester King Jorunn
      (South of Ebonheart, Stonefalls)
    2. Talk to Jester Queen Ayrenn
      (North of Vulkhel Guard)
    3. Talk to Jester King Emeric
      (East of Daggerfall)
Tip: If you have any of the free starter houses (Ebony Flask, Mara's Kiss, The Rosy Lion) the jester's are located not far from them, you can fast travel to house to start and turn jester quests.
Jester King Jorunn (Click to Enlarge)
Jester King Emeric (Click to Enlarge)
Jester Queen Ayrenn (Click to Enlarge)


Tip: You can loot the containers and items around jesters' tents without incurring a bounty.

How to Get to Jesters

There are a few options on how to get to the Jesters.

  1. Checking your friends, group, and/or guild lists for players in Auridon (Vulkhel Guard), Glenumbra (Daggerfall), and Stonefalls (Ebonheart).
  2. Asking in Zone, but this option isn’t very popular and may wake up the chat trolls.
  3. Use the Navigator system that is made up of Caravans (Cart Icon) or Ferries (Anchor Icon) located in the main city of each zone to get you to one of the zones listed above
  4. If you have completed the initial Ebonheart Pact Homestead quest, you can recall to your house (Ebonheart Inn) in Ebonheart.
  5. If you have completed the initial Aldmeri Dominion Homestead quest, you can recall to your house (Mara’s Kiss Public House) in Vulkhel Guard.
  6. If you have completed the initial Daggerfall Covenant Homestead quest, you can recall your house (Rosy Lion Inn)  in Daggerfall.


Double Experience

When you start the event, you will get a special pie momento.

Tip: The bonus XP doesn't start until you use the pie.

Note: The Experience Bonus ends when it times out or your die, whichever first. 

Tip: Full Training Set + Mythic Ambrosia + Event Boost = 300% Exp gain from kills.



The quests are offered sequentially, but can be done in any order.
The quests can be shared.
The quests reset at the same time as pledges and writs.

Tip: It will help if you have unlocked the wayshrines nearest the quest NPC's in each of the zones listed. If not, check friend and guild lists for players in the zone of interest and travel to them.


A Noble Guest

Tip: Avoid the Butcher while on this quest to complete the Princess Rescuer Achievement.
  1. Click to Enlarge

    Steal Mudcrab Apples

    1. Go to the house on your quest map  to obtain the apples
      1. House near the stables.
    2. Find Jester’s Betrothed
      1. Argonian district of northern Ebonheart.
    3. Feed Princess
    4. Lead Princess to Jester
  2. Return to Jester.
Tip: You will have to steal the apples and, as a result, may get a bounty. Launder or sell any stolen items before doing this quest if you do not wish to risk losing them.

Tip: Stand at the other side of the cart of the apple box before you steal the apple. Wait until the three witnesses are looking away for the greatest chance to avoid getting caught.

Tip: If you have any counterfeit edicts from the thieves guild quests or thief troves, use them to eliminate your bounty

Tip: Got bounty from stealing apple? You can safely get to the princess by going around the town along the east wall heading north.


Springtime Flair

Tip: Use the Skywatch house (Barbed Hook Private Room)to fast travel if you have it, if not check your guild or friends lists for players in your destination zone.
  1. Travel to the Festival in Auridon.
  2. Speak to Jester Queen Ayrenn.
  3. Prank Grumpy Temple Stoics in Vulkhel Guard (2)
    1. Head to the equipment crafting area
    2. Approach the Grumpy Temple Stoics and hit use button to hit them with flowers.
  4. Prank Grumpy Residents in Skywatch (2)
    1. Head to vendor area in Skywatch
    2. Approach the Grumpy Residents and hit use button.Tip: Enter the building through the rightmost door. Two grumps are just inside.
  5. Prank Grumpy Professors at the College
    1. Head to Collect of Aldmeri Propriety (Northeast Auridon – College Wayshrine)
    2. Approach the Grumpy Profession and hit use button.
Tip: Use the blossom consumables on other players to complete Smile, in the Name of the Queen. Good spots include the Jester's tents (earlier part of event), near pledge givers in the capitals, or popular crafting locations like Vivec city, Mournhold, etc..


Royal Revelry

  1. Travel to the Festival in Glenumbra
  2. Speak to Jester King Emeric.
  3. Acquire materials to create replacement illusion dazzlers.
    1. Glowing Ayleid Bone Dust (8)
      Silumm (Daggerfall Wayshrine, but close enough to run)
      Kill Dominion Soldiers, Werewolves, or loot ancient bone piles or powder remains found throughout the dungeon.
    2. Dragonfire Dust (8)
      Illessan Tower (Baelborne Rock Wayshrine, but close enough to run)
      Kill Red Rook Bandits or loot Dragonfire Crystals found throughout the dungeon.
    3. Talk to Jester King Emeric
    4. Wait for Jester King Emeric to make the dazzlers.
    5. Pickup the Dazzlers.
  4. Use Illusion Dazzlers
    1. Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Docks (3)
    2. Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Castle (3)
    3. Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Hillside (3)
Tip: The Silummm delve is just below the ramparts by the Daggerfall Wayshrine. To speed up the quest, I suggest you do Illessan Tower first then fast travel to the Rosy Lion Inn room if you have it or the wayshrine and then jump down. If you have decent DPS, herd mobs into a group to kill quickly to obtain ingredients faster.

Tip: In the Illessan Tower, there is a narrow, almost hidden passage, that leads up to the harpies that is often overlooked by other players and contains a few items on the ground. Watch for heavy sacks which are common in this delve.

Fun Fact: If you kill the humanoids with Blade of Woe, you will still get the dazzler ingredients.



  1. Jester’s Festival Box
    1. Cherry Blossom Twig (2)
    2. One of following consumable
      1. Plume Dazzler (4)
      2. Sparkly Hat Dazzler (4)
      3. Spiral Dazzler (4)
      4. Sparkwreath Dazzler (4)
      5. Revelry Pie (10)
    3. Vendor “Treasure”
    4. Provisioning Recipe
    5. Housing Item(s)
      1. Banner, Jester’s Standard
      2. Jester’s Coffer (Gallery)
      3. Pattern: Jester’s Pavilion, Open (Clothing)
    6. Momento Fragment
      1. Festive Noise Maker Part
      2. Festival Joke Popper Part
    7. Runebox
      1. Runebox: Cherry Blossom Branch
      2. Runebox: Scintillator*
    8. 332g

*Note: New to 2019

Tip: Complete many of the Jesters' event achievements by pooling your consumables earned by completing dailies on different characters. Once you have enough of the consumables in your bank, use them to quickly complete Dazzling Entertainer, Illusive Dazzler, and Smile in the name of the Queen achievements.


Event Tickets

As you take part in the Jester’s Festival, you’ll earn two Event Tickets the first time you complete a Jester’s daily quest each day, with a total of 24 tickets available to be earned by the event’s end.

During the event, you can buy Indrik Feathers, Dawnwood Berries of Bloom,Dawnwood Berries of Budding, Dawnwood Berries of Growth, and the new Dawnwood Berries of Ripeness from the Impresario merchant. This is the final berry you’ll need to evolve your existing Nascent Indrik into the Dawnwood Indrik! To summon your new, fancy Indrik, simply have all four berries in your inventory and use one of them.



  1. N/A
Note: this section relates to lore discovered during the event.



  • Illusive Dazzler (5pts)
  • Royal Jester (50pts  & Title: Royal Jester)
    • Lord of Misrule
    • Princess Rescuer
    • Smile, in the Name of the Queen
    • Illusive Dazzler
    • Dazzling Entertainer
    • Jester’s Personal Chef
  • Jester’s Personal Chef (10pts)
    • Princess’ Delight
    • Candied Jester’s Coins
    • Dubious Camoran Throne
    • Jewels of Misrule
  • Princess Rescuer (5pts)
  • Smile, in the Name of the Queen (5pts)
  • Dazzling Entertainer (5pts)
    • Elden Root Undaunted Enclave
    • Wayrest Undaunted Enclave
    • Mournhold Undaunted Enclave
  • Lord of Misrule (5pts & Title: Lord of Misrule)
    • Springtime Flair
    • A Noble Guest
    • Royal Revelry
  • Festive Noise Maker ((5pts & Momento: Festive Noise Maker)
  • Jester’s Festival Joke Popper (5pts & Momento: Jester’s Festival Joke Popper)
  • Dessert Domination (50pts & Head Marking: Obnoxious Mute Face Paint)
  • The Three Fillings War (50pts & Title: Tin Soldier)
Tip: Once you get some pies, you can complete this achievement quickly by waiting at one of the Jesters and pick off the visitors. You can quickly identify opposing faction players by targeting them: Their alliance rank, which appears after their name, will be the colour of their alliance.
  • The Upper Crust (15pts)
  • More Than You can Chew (10pts)
  • Messy Business (50pts & Title: Empieror)

New to 2019

Tip: If you wish to complete the Dazzling Entertainer Achievement, visit each of the Undaunted Enclaves and use the consumable Dazzlers at each one.



  • Princess’ Delight ( Level 1)
    • Flour, Apples, Butterfly Wings (3)
  • Candied Jester’s Coins (Level 1)
    • Flour, Coffee, Imp Stool, Bervez Juice
  • Dubious Camoran Throne (Level 1)
    • White Meat, Insect Parts, Beetle Scuttle, Guts
  • Jewels of Misrule (Level 1)
    • Rose, Mint, Lotus, Bervez Juice
Note: Special event recipes like the ones above scale to your level and increase in benefit as your level increases.



Event furniture can be obtained two ways: From event loot boxes and the special event achievement furniture vendor.

Loot Box Rewards

  • Banner, Jester’s Standard
  • Jester’s Coffer (Pops confetti)
  • Recipe for Jester’s Pavilion furnishing
  • Runebox: Jester’s Scintillator

Heralda Garscroft (Events)

Located in each of the Capital cities (Elden Root, Mournhold, and Wayrest) there is an achievement vendor that sells Event-based items.

  • Tree, Jester’s Large (Royal Jester)15,000g
  • Tree, Jester’s Small (Royal Jester) 5,000g

Crown Store Items

  • Royal Court Jester costume (at 50% off!)
  • Jester’s Festival Hat Pack
  • Masqued “Unicorn” Steed
  • Madcap Jester Monkey pet
  • The Jester personality