ESOTU Spoiler: Enchanting Leveling

UpdateIf you have a supply of runes or coin, you can level enchanting in less that an hour. This tome provides a walkthrough and a list of items you will need.


Tip: To speed up your Enchanting leveling, the following will increase your crafting inspiration earned 30 Champion Points spent in The Tower Tree (20% Bonus) and ESO+ membership (10% Bonus).
  1. Visit your racial starter town and become certified in Enchanting.  (Optional: experience and unlocks Enchanting Writs)
  2. Buy or craft around 180 purple CP160 (Truly Superb) Glyphs.
    If having another character or player craft the glyphs see shopping list below.

    Note: Items crafted by the same character will get significantly lower crafting inspiration when deconstructing than if the items was made by another character or player.
  3. Visit an enchanting station.
  4. Deconstruct the glyphs
  5. Spend the desired Skill Points in the Enchanting Profession Line
  6. Celebrate!


Shopping List

Note: As prices of runes and glyphs fluctuate and vary from platform, you might want to shop around for the best deal.

Glyphs (180)

  1. Any player crafted CP160 (Truly Superb) Epic (Purple) or Gold (Legendary) glyph
Note: you get significantly lower crafting inspiration when deconstructing items made by the same character.


  1. Potency (180 runes)
    1. Itade 18g 
    2. Repora 97h
  2. Essence (180 runes)
    1. Makko 7g
    2. Kaderi 8g
    3. Deni 9g
    4. Denima 9g
    5. Deteri 9g
    6. Oru 9g
    7. Dekeipa 10g
    8. Haoko 11g
    9. Meip 11g
    10. Kuoko 13g
    11. Makkoma 13g
    12. Oko 20g
    13. Okoma 20g
    14. Makderi 23g
    15. Okori 26g
    16. Taderi 54g
    17. Rakeipa 150g
  3. Aspect (180 runes)
    1. Rekuta 42g

Total cost: approximately 12,000g.