ESOTU Spoiler: Chorrol Weynon Priory Adventurer


 Complete all quests in Chorrol and Weynon Priory


NPC: Lliae(Behind a house overlooking lava fissure)

  • Death to the Black Daggers
    Kill Black Daggers (10).
  • Guard Work is Never Done
  • Field of Fire
    Kill Fire Atronachs (4) in the lava fissure in the middle of Chorrol.
  • The Cache
    Resupply Lliae’s Case Northeast of Fort Glademist by the Moranda ruins.
  • The High Cost of Lying
    Trigger a Black Dagger ambush north of Chorrol.

Weynon Priory:

NPC: Mael (Front Steps of the Priory)

  • Abominations
    Find the corpses of the two villages taken by the vampires of Lipsand Tarn  (delve North of Fort Rayles) and burn them. Travel North to the delve. The bodies are on the East side of the largest chamber.
  • Claw of Akatosh
    Recover the claw from the Black Dagger on an island to the West.
  • Black Dagger Supplies
    Taint Supplies (4) in camp to the West. Take the road west then cross the river to the south. Turn west and follow the river until to arrive at a ruined farmhold. Go inside house, clear of enemies, and taint the 4 containers.
  • Overdue Supplies
    Search Coldcorn Ruin for any sign of Lucius to the East. Find Lucius in the ruined tower and examine him to read note. Take the stairs up, jump the gap, and then climb along the wall to the top to find the chest.
  • The Lich
    Destroy the Lich in Lindai ruins to the east.


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