ESOTU Spoiler: Ancestral Adversity (Veloth Ancestral Tomb)

Elfbetta asked me to enter the Dreloth Ancestral Tomb and check on Narsis Dren. He’s been gone for a long time and she’s starting to get worried. The ancient Dreloth family, a cadet branch of House Dres, long ago relocated from Vvardenfell to Kragenmoor. But their ancestral tomb remains.

Note: The purchase of the Morrowind Chapter is required to complete this quest line.

Just East of the Halls of Fabrication in Eastern Vvardenfell lies the ancestral tomb of Dreloth.  Outside you will met Elfbetta. She will ask you to check on Darsis Dren. Help him escape and then talk to Elfbetta again outside. She will send you to the Veloth Ancestor Tomb.

Claiming their descent from the Prophet, Saint Veloth himself, the Veloth family had a long and prominent history in Vvardenfell.

The Locked Door

  1. Third button from the left.

The Hidden Passage

Examine the book then the engraved pedestal under the harp. Collect the four items from the entrance of the room in the circle.

Place the correct items on the proper grave.

  1. Ondre – Arrow
  2. Valyne – Ornate Goblet
  3. Elms – Grain Sack
  4. Llirala – Mirror
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The 2nd Locked Door

  1. Second button from right.

The Floor Puzzle

North and south of the puzzle are two scrolls. Old scrolls gives clues to the order. The other a map. Also, there are two incomplete solutions on each side of the puzzle. Select the tiles in the same order as the solutions on each side. Both are the same and , fortunately, are missing different tiles.

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  • Pauldrons of the Warrior-Poet
  • 332g


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